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David Galbreath - Property & deeds

David was involved in various land deals in America over his lifetime. As can be seen some refer to him as of "New York", and other as of "London". These are plainly the same person as they refer to the same properties. Also David's business partner Thomas Elmes is involved in most of these transactions.
  • New York State
    New York County  - Deeds (includes New York City)
    Grantee Grantor Date of Document Lib. Transcript
    John Ford David GALBREATH 16 Jun 1784 41/280 Transcript
    GALBREATH & oth, Trustees Dennis McReady 22 Dec 1785 44/260 Transcript
    William Minturn David GALBREATH & Cornelia 27 Jun 1791 305/464 Transcript
    New York County  - Mortgages (includes New York City)
    Mortgagee Mortgagor Date of Document Lib. Transcript
    David GALBREATH Catherine LIVINGSTONE 19 Oct 1787 4/409 Transcript
    Washington County - Mortgage Books
    Mortgagees Mortgagors Year Book Page   
    David GALBREATH & Thomas ELMES Andrew MITCHELL & wife Margaret 1788 B 291


    Washington County - Deed Books
    Grantees Grantors Year Book Page   
    David GALBREATH & Thomas ELMES John PATRICK & wife Sarah Ann 1801 F 152  Transcript

  • Ohio
    •  Government Land Office Records

      Surrendered Revolutionary War Bounty Land Warrants :- 

      Land jointly granted to David GALBREATH & Thomas ELMES :-
      State / County Date  Accession/Serial Nr. Acres  Range/Town/ Q Notes
      Ohio,  Licking  9/1/1800   OH2100__.292  4,000 R10, T2, Q2  
      Ohio,  Delaware  9/1/1800   OH2100__.293  4,000 R18, T4, Q4  
      Ohio,  Licking  9/1/1800   OH2100__.294  3,430.2 R13, T4, Q1  
      Ohio, Licking  9/1/1800   OH2100__.295  4,000 R12, T1, Q2  
      Ohio,  Delaware  9/1/1800   OH2100__.296 4,000 R17, T3, Q1  
      Ohio,  Licking  9/1/1800   OH2100__.297  4,000 R11, T1, Q2  
      Ohio,  Tuscarawas  9/1/1801   OH2100__.298 4,000 R1, T7, Q1 Mill Township
      Ohio,  Franklin  9/1/1800   OH2100__.299  4,000 R18, T2, Q2  
      Ohio,  Morrow  9/1/1800  OH2100__.300  4,000 R17, T6, Q1  
      Ohio,  Delaware  9/1/1800  OH2100__.301  4,000 R17, T5, Q1  
      NB. The above were granted to David Galbreath & Thomas Elmes as merchants who had bought up the warrants from soldiers, David & Thomas did not themselves serve in the War.

      See the full lists of the veterans names of surrendered land warrants bought by Galbreath & Elmes :-
      Click here to see lists.

      Galbreath & Elmes soon sold off the land grants, see the following Ohio land deeds.

    • Ohio - County Deed Indexes   (click on links to see a Transcript of each deed)
      Franklin / Delaware County  -  Deeds - Grantor Index
      Date Grantor Grantee Book Page Trustees  
      1802 GALBREATH, David Joseph CONSTANT A 84a   Transcript
      1802 GALBREATH, David Jonathan DAYTON & Jonas STANBERRY A 84b 6 trs Transcript
      1802 GALBREATH, David & ELMES, Thomas Jonathan DAYTON (same deed  as above entry)* A 489 6 trs Transcript
      1804 GALBREATH, David Joseph CONSTANT A 156   Transcript
      1805 GALBREATH & ELMES James KILBOURNE A 236 by Collector Transcript
      1806 GALBREATH, David Jonathan DAYTON & Jonas STANBERRY A 330 4 trs Transcript
      Fairfield County  -  Deeds - Grantor Index
      1802 GALBREATH, David (by Atty) William WELLS A 136     Transcript
      1802 GALBREATH, David et al same as  Delaware A-489* B 126    
      1804 GALBREATH, David William WELLS C 164    Transcript
      1806 GALBREATH, David et al 
      - (by Tax coll)
      Asa MURPHY E 106    Transcript
      Franklin County  -  Deeds - Grantor Index
      1804 GALBREATH, David DAYTON & HANBURY D 17    
      1804 GALBREATH, David J. STANBERY D 18     
      Ross County  -  Deeds - Grantor Index
      1802 GALBREATH, David & Elmes, Thomas Jonas STANBERRY Ross 121   Transcript

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