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John CURTIS was christened in Aveley, Essex on the 20 July 1724, the son of Golding & Mary Curtis. I base this on John naming a son "Golding", a rare name and no doubt after his father, and the location, Aveley is contiguous with West Thurrock, one of John Curtis's stamping grounds. He seems to have lived variously between West Thurrock and the Fobbing / Stanford-Le-Hope area, his will containing properties in both areas, and his children being baptised in both.

He was buried on 26 August 1799 in West Thurrock although the Parish Register notes that he was of the Parish of Fobbing at the time of his death. The burial was by Coroner's Warrant. Unfortunately the Coroner's records for this period have not survived.

See his Last Will and Testament  &  Death Duties Register
John was also a beneficiary in the wills of Daniel Green and Thomas Green. The Green's were most likely relations of his first wife Mary Gurnett, the daughter of John Gurnett and Ann Green.

John's 1st marriage was to Mary GURNETT on 24 October 1754 in West Thurrock.

After their first two children were christened at West Thurrock in 1754 & 1756 there are no further christenings recorded for this marriage in West Thurrock. However the next two children were baptised in Fobbing and Stanford-le-Hope. That this is the same John Curtis is confirmed by the will of Thomas Green in 1763 who noted that John was of Stanford-le-Hope. Also John's Fobbing connection is confirmed by his death in Fobbing and the presence of Curtis Farm in Fobbing. John's will contains numerous properties in this area. His 1st wife died in 1769.

John married a second time to Mary OFFEN at Fobbing on the 25 October 1770 by Licence. The Marriage Licence describes John as widower and a Yeoman of West Thurrock. His 2nd wife Mary died in 1773.

John then married for a third time :-
- John Curtis of West Thurrock married Sarah HAWKINS at Hornchurch on the 20 November 1783 by Licence. Unfortunately the Parish of Hornchurch was a Peculiar under the control of New College, Oxford. They have confirmed that whilst they have many of the Hornchurch records the marriage licence allegations and bonds for the period concerned have not survived.

Whilst the entry in the Parish Register for his 3rd marriage did not mention his marital status it is the same John as he used his own mark "O" when "signing" his name in the Register instead of the usual "X".
His "O" mark appears on the following documents confirming they all concern the same person :-
- His daughter Anna's marriage Licence (daughter from his 1st marriage to Mary Gurnett), she was a minor hence he signed giving his consent.
- His marriage licence for his 2nd marriage to Mary Offen.
- His marriage to his 3rd wife Sarah Hawkins.
- His Will.

John Moved back and forth between West Thurrock, Corringham and Fobbing several times. See Land Tax page & also Properties page.

1st wife Mary GURNETT was christened on 25 March 1734 in West Thurrock. She died on 6 October 1769 and was buried on 11 October 1769 in West Thurrock.

Children were:-

child i. Ann(e)/Anna CURTIS was christened on 10 September 1755 in West Thurrock. She was buried on 20 April 1814 in West Thurrock.
child ii. Thomas CURTIS was christened on 28 November 1756 in West Thurrock. He died on 7 February 1782 and was buried on 9 February 1782 in West Thurrock.
child iii. William CURTIS was christened on 3 April 1759 in Fobbing, Essex. He was buried on 23 October 1797 in West Thurrock. He was married to Sarah BATEMAN.
child iv. Golden (Golding) CURTIS was baptised on 12 April 1763 in Stanford-le-Hope, Essex. .He died on 11 June 1782 and was buried on 15 June 1782 in West Thurrock.

2nd wife Mary OFFEN was christened on 9 April 1744 in Fobbing. She was buried on 13 November 1773 in West Thurrock.

Children were :-

child i. Mary CURTIS was christened on 16 February 1772 in West Thurrock.
child ii. Mary CURTIS was christened on 29 September 1772 in West Thurrock. Possibly a public confirmation of the previous christening?
child iii. John Gurnett CURTIS was christened on 30 July 1773 in West Thurrock.

The children of his 3rd marriage with Sarah HAWKINS were :-

child i. George CURTIS was born on the 27 July 1785 and christened on 25 December 1785 in West Thurrock. He was buried on 3.9.1847 aged 62.
child ii. Charlotte CURTIS was born on the 20 April 1788 and christened on 25 May 1788 in West Thurrock..

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