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James VAUZEY was christened on 31 Oct 1770 in Sunninghill, Berks1. He was buried on 23 Nov 1804 in Sunninghill1.

In the Sunninghill Parish Register his baptism, burial, and his naming as the father on his daughter's baptism are recorded by the surname WHEESY, a corruption based no doubt on how Vauzey was pronounced. The correct spelling of Vauzey is confirmed by the Bond of Indemnification where James signed his name "James Vauzey" .

His occupation has been recorded as :-
Footman (Bond of Indemnification 1790)

Recorded addresses :-
Sunninghill, Berkshire (Baptism 1770, Bond of Indemnification 1790, Burial 1804)
Winkfield, Berks (most likely from around 1774 until leaving home, as the rest of his younger siblings are baptised in Winkfield)

James had an illigitimate daughter Sarah. James was committed to paying her maintenance by the issue of a Bond of Indemnification (Bastardy Bond) in 1790 by the Sunninghill Parish Officials. James' father Mathias Vauzey was also bound by the Bond, presumably as a guarantor for his son.

Sarah POCOCK was born about 1770. She was buried on 19 Apr 1836 in Egham, Surrey1.

Recorded addresses :-
Sunninghill, Berkshire (daughter's baptism 1790)
Egham Parish, Surrey (Marriage 1792, Burial 1836)

Sarah had an illigitimate daughter Sarah in 1790. The father of the child James Vauzey was committed to paying her maintenance by the issue of a Bond of Indemnification (Bastardy Bond) by the Sunninghill Parish Officials2.

Sarah subsequently married Thomas Green 12 May 1792 in Egham, Surrey and had a further 8 children.

Sarah's origins and ancestry are uncertain. It is possible that she is the daughter of John Pocock and his wife Sarah (nee HOPKINS), however further research is needed on this.

Children were:

child i. Sarah POCOCK was christened on 21 Feb 1790 in Sunninghill1. She was buried on 14 Aug 1861 in Virginia Water, Surrey1

Sources :-
1. Parish Register - locations as stated in the text above.
2. Sunninghill Parish Chest records - Berkshire Record Office - LDS film # 88421.

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