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Matthew (Matthias) VEUZEY / VAUZEY.

His occupation has been recorded as :-
 - Gentleman's Servant (Marriage 1770)
 - Labourer (as guarantor on his son James' daughters Bastardy Bond 1790)1

His recorded addresses :-
 - Sunninghill, Berkshire (Marriage 1770, Children's Baptisms 1770 & 1772)
 -  Winkfield, Berks (Childrens' Baptisms 1774 & 1789)

His son James was committed to paying child maintenance by the issue of a Bond of Indemnification (Bastardy Bond) by the Sunninghill Parish Officials.
Mathias was also bound by the Bond, presumably as a guarantor for his son.

NOTE - at one stage the recording officer in the parish of Sunninghill recorded the surname as WHEESY, a phonetic spelling of what he thought he heard no doubt.

Matthias VEUZEY married Elizabeth BROMLEY on the 29 of May 1770 in St. George Hanover Square, London :-
"Matthias Veuzey of the Parish of Sunninghill in the County of Berks Batchelor and Elizabeth BROMLEY of this Parish Spinster were married in this Church by Licence of the Archbishop of Canterbury".2 

  • The Marriage Licence & allegation record Matthais as per the marriage entry with the additional information that Matthias was a Gentleman's Servant, and they were both aged twenty one and upwards.
    [Faculty Office Marriage Licence, Archbishop of Canterbury, Lambeth Palace, London issued 28 May 1770.3]

Matthias is possibly the son of John VASEY however this has not been confirmed :-
Saint Andrew, Holborn, London Baptismal Register - 23 May 1750 Mathew son of John & Jane Vasey, Saffron Hill.
A marriage of the above parents is recorded in the marriage register of St. James Clerkenwell, London :-
- John Vasey of the parish of St. Anne Blackfriars London batchelor & Jane Flavill of St. James Clerkenwell spinster - married by Licence of the Archbishop of London.
The licence gives John's occupation as a taylor aged 22, and Jane of age upwards of twenty one.

The fact that Matthew was a gentleman's servant and married a London girl, combined with the proximity of London to Sunninghill, then it is quite possible that he was originally from London. Together with the uncommon surname combined with a first name that was not one of the popular set then the above baptism is quite possible, however there is no evidence at present to definitively connect the two.

Elizabeth BROMLEY was buried on 7 Apr 1790 in Winkfield, Berkshire. 2

Her recorded addresses :-
St. George Hanover Sq, London (Marriage 1770)
Sunninghill, Berkshire (Children's Baptisms 1770 & 1772)
Winkfield, Berks (Childrens' Baptisms 1774 & 1789, Burial 1790)

Children were:

child114 i. James VAUZEY.
child ii. Elizabeth WHEESY was christened on 24 May 1772 in Sunninghill, Berks. 2
child iii. John VAUZEY was christened on 27 Mar 1774 in Winkfield, Berkshire. 2
child iv. Mary VAUZEY was christened on 15 Oct 1775 in Winkfield, Berkshire. 2
child v. Martha VAUZEY was christened on 7 Dec 1777 in Winkfield, Berkshire. 2
child vi. Agnes VAUZEY was christened on 10 Oct 1779 in Winkfield, Berkshire. 2
child vii. George VAUZEY was christened on 22 Apr 1781 in Winkfield, Berkshire. 2
child viii. Jane VAUZEY was christened on 15 Feb 1785 in Winkfield, Berkshire. 2
child ix. Mathias VAUZEY was christened on 26 Mar 1786 in Winkfield, Berkshire. 2
child x. Joseph VAUZEY was christened on 2 Aug 1789 in Winkfield, Berkshire. 2

Sources -
1. Parish Chest records of Sunninghill.
2. Parish Register of the place stated.
3. Records of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Lambeth Palace.

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