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Richard STITES .  He died in 1702 in Hempstead, Long Island, NY, USA. He was married to Mary UNDERHILL on 14 May 1668. Richard was originally known as Richard Stich(e) in England and Mass. before arriving on Long Island.

Richard's surname has been spelt several different ways in the records as colour highlighted below, with a different colour for each variation. There is little doubt they are the same person as some of the same matters are mentioned at different times with different spellings.
1656 Letter from the Town of Hemstead to Stuyvesant. (Not dated but inbetween other records dated 29 July - 11 Aug 1656)
Signed (amongst other signaturies) - Richard Stites his mark R. 4
1657 April - The number of every mans gattes that they have at the necke - Richard Stites - 4. 1
1658 The number of akers of medowe give out in alotments unto the partiklar inhabitants of this towne of Hempstead.
- Richard Stites hath sixe akers - 6. 1
1658 29 April - The names of those persons that have concluded to take up land according to ye afores'd order. -
For a minister - Richard Stites
(this entry in the list not showing the number of acres). 1
1659 Primo April (i.e 1st) - The townesmen hereunder written have agreede with Richard Stites to keepe the East heard of the towne of Hempsteede for the present, conform in every particculer, to the agreement made with Robert Beedle as before specifyed. dated vt Supra.
Richard Stites X his mark.  1
1659 Untitled entry, a list containing :- Richard Stites in Washbournes necke with an addition at ye front of James Pine & Edward Reiners - 6. 1
1660 The liest of callves - Richard Stites - 1. 1
1660 21 January - Richard Stiles (as transcribed) sues Jane Washborne, widow, and says that in 1653, when he went from Mr. Seaman's, he then agreed with William Washbirne to do his labor weekly, according as wages were then given, and he allow for his diet two days labor in the week. The Court award that he hath labored eight weeks, or thirty two days, at 2s 6d per diem, by allowing four days labor to the week, making 4 sterling that shall be paid him in good currency. [pg.24] 5
1661 4th March - Richard Stich have undertaken to keep the Easte Cowe heard for this present yeare upon the same termes that Robert Beagell keep them in the yeare 1659 and is to have the same pay in everie pitculler and those that live on the north side of the bridge shall turne ther cowes over the swamp and those that live att South over shall turn ther cattell to ye reare of Carpenters loot in witness wheare of the said Richard Stich have heare unto seett his hand - the make of X Richard Stich.
(This is obviously Richard Stites despite the spelling of his surname as it follows on from the entry in 1659 regarding the herd (heard). The writers spelling throughout this entry is interesting!). 1
1661 16 April - The number of callfes - Richard Stich - 2. 1
1663 4 Feb - At the said towne meeting was likewise given and granted to Richard Stites and William Thickston to have either of them eight acres of land lying on the north side westward of Herricks at ye place where Coles (coals) was formerly burnt by Richard Stites - B; 18, 21. 1, 4
1664 9 Feb - Also at ye same towne meeting was let to Rich. Stites three acres of ye townes land lying in ye bevill neare to ye wood edge for 21s to be paid in such corne as is produced thereon. 1
1665  2 Mar 1665 - 15 Feb 1664 at a generall tound mettin thar was givein and grantted two Richard Stich 3 ackers for a home lot bee yand Vollintins Hollow. I the afore saied Stich doo by this pressent aluenate from me and mine all my rite and titell of the above spacified lot to Joseph Jinens for his This 2 Mar 1665. 1
1664 17 Mar - At the same tound metting was let to Richard Stich the tound loot and hee to repaire the outesid fnece for the sum of 15 shillings in corne. 1
1665 14 Jun - Richeard Stiche one anoxe bay with a 1/2 peni onder ech aer and a slette in y'e nere aer branded one y'e of butack with :G: aged 6 yaers. 1
1665 1 Nov - Cilled by Mr Jacksun for his yues twoo ffate cowes : the one with his onne mark Coelleread brindell with a star in the ffore head the : other black with a 1/2 peni under each aeere the black cowe wase boest of Richard Stich y'e brindell cowes age is 12 yaers and y'e black cowe is five yaers. 1
1665 30 Dec - Land laid oute to mor comers John Carman Edmund Tites Robert Boyle Edward Spragg and Richard Stits 22 acors of land a man on ye north side neare ye bevell ye line begining att ye east end and runing west 180 rods and from ye end of ye west line a due north ine 130 rods. 1
1668 11 Jan - Richard one of the voters at a meeting on a submission in land annulment and appeal by others. 1
1669 A record of meadows layd for the inhabitance of Hempsted to every one acording to his lot beginning att the neck eastword commanly colled the half neck and runing from the bound tree that standeth beetwene the meddowe of Mr Semans and the meddow that bee long to the towne of Hempsted upone a south and by west line and then alowing fower rod line the east side along by sayd line and bounds next to Mr Semans his west bounds for a hyway beegun to be laid out July the 6 1669 - Richard Stits his lot being 8 acorse 10 rod being acounted in length 120 rod and 16 rod broad. 1
1670 17 May - On a deed of purchase by John Smith R. junior, Richard was a witness - Richard Stites X his mark. 1
1675 At a Cort held in Hempsted by the Cunstable an Overseres this 3 day of Febrewary in the yeare of our Lord 1674 -
Richard Stits plaintive Minna Johan defendant the plaintive enters an action of debt against the defendant and decleares how that the defendant is indebted to him for part of a hors that he bought of him also he decleares that he hath arested a swine of the defendants an he doth desire to have it now to prove his debt produses two witnisis as foloet.
The testimony of Peter Johnson this deponant testifis that Minna Johanas and Richard Stits mead a bargin a bot a hors that is to say Richard Stits sould a hors to Minna an then Stits owed to Minna  small debt an the bargin was that the debt should be disounted an Minna should pay to Richard Stits three pound an further saith not Joseph Junnins testifis the seame that he is here above written these testimonys eare taken in Cort.
The Cort haveing herd the plaintive an his witnissis an considered thereof thay alow him his debt with all cost of sut provided that when Mina doth cume that then it doth not apere that nether the hole nor a part of it be paid also thay order the swine that was ateaxhed to be prised an the plaintive to have hur so.Nathaniell Pearsall Clarck. 1
1675 5 Jan - Richard Stits is a witness in a civil case. 1
1676 2 October - A Declaration by the inhabitants of Hempstead to bind themselves to maintain and defend their rights of land. Amongst the list of signaturies is Richard Stites. 4
1677 9 Apr - At the aforesaid townd meting it was agreed on by the majer voter that every man that hath any lot of land lying on Madnans Neck that thay shall have all the medow that lys against ether the frunt or the rere of theire lots provided that it pregadisis no hyway nor infingis on no other mens lines.
At the aforesaid townd meting it was agreed on by the majer vote that all propariators of Hempsted shall have liberty to take up a hundred akers of land a pese of wood land ether in the North woods or in the south woods excepting Madnans Neck the Cow Neck or Matinicock Neck on the North side and excepting the south necks on the south side and after the propariators  have taken up theire lots then the rest of the inhabitants shall have liberty to take up fifty akers of land a pese for them. (Then follows a list starting at no. 1)
Richard Stits - 38
these are the propariators. 1
1678 5 Jun - Lots drawen for fenceing the Plains the first to begin on the Est hill and so run : westward.
Richards Stits - Lot no. 16. 1
1678 25 Dec - At the foregoing meting it was agred : on by the majer vote that the layrs out of the medow shall begin to lay first at the Esturmost Comin Medow on the south sid of Rocoway lots drane for the medow at Rocoaway.
Richard Stits - Lot. no. 36. 1
1679 At a generall townd meetin held at Hempsted ye 20th of June in year 1679 it was voatted and a greed that thos parssons a bove nammed shall have lebartey to take op feftey ackers of land a peas and the Properieators have lebartey to com in with them for feftey ackers apes with them The land is to be laid out or in the same form as ye first Properieators ded and that the time of the fifty acker men shall beegin one ye 27th of this instante month and so to take thair lots as thay are drau to Mr Tho Rushmore to bee entred in ye tound Records.
Richard Stits - Lot no. 14. 1
1680/1 A record of Henery Willis his Deed of Sale given by Richard Stites March y'e 11 1680 - (see transcript) 1
1680/1 A record of Richard Stites his Bill of Sall given him by John Semans March y'e 12 1680 - (see transcript) 1
1681 25 May - A record of Richard Stites his marke he giveth - The mark y't Richard Stites of West Berry in the bounds of Hempsted giveth in one half penny under each eare with a slitt on the top of the neare eare. P me Edw French. (Clark) 1
1684 27 Sep - Att the fore going townd meetin it was agreed by the mager vote that Richard Stites is to hold his line in half neck as other men doe. Recorded by mee Josias Starr Clark. 1
1685 Deed recorded for Richard Stites to William Lee on the 3rd Apr 1685. - (see transcript) 1
1690/1 24 Feb 1690/1 - Mentioned in a 3rd party deed as having lands adjoining East of the land in the deed.
1694/5 A record of a Deed between Richard Stites and Cap John Sands - 20 Mar 1694/5. - (see transcript) 1
1698/9 A record of Deed between Richard Stites and his son William - 2 Jan 1698/9. - (see transcript) 1
1700 6 Nov Richard Sticks makes his will, which was proved  on the 5 March 1700/01 at a Special Court in Jamaica, Long Island, and entered on the 6 March. The will is definitely that of Richard Stites as it mentions the land at Millstone that he had already transferred to his son William, and also he made his mark "R" which is also how he made his mark in at least one other document (see 1656). His beneficieries were his wife Mary, children James, Benjamin, Henry, William, John, Rebecca (husband Robert Denge), Margaret & Mary. [Liber A, pg.152 - see Abstract]
(1710)  Son William Stits sells 10 acres of land that was formerly Richard Stites. (see transcript) 1
(1710) Son William Stits sells 8 acres of land that was formerly Richard Stits. (see transcript) 1
No date A list of landholders of Hempstead - Richard Stites 152 acres2

Richard Stites married Mary NAYLOR (nee UNDERHILL) on 14 May 1668.
             [ New York Marriage Licences : Orders, Warrants & Letters Vol.II, 223]

Mary UNDERHILL was christened on 16 Nov 1640 in Clifford Chambers, Gloucestershire6. Her place of birth was mentioned in her 1st marriage as below. Her christening was given as Marie in the Latinised form.

Mary was first married to Thomas Nayler in the Dutch Reformed Church of New York on the 14 Feb 1666 :-
  - Thomas Nayler, j.m. Van Assisin in Engelant; Mary Undersil, jd van Clifford in Gloucestershire.3

  • Thomas bapt. 18 Apr 1667, witnesses Thomas Hall & Hillegond Joris.3

1668 - Mary appeared in Court regarding a debt of her deceased husband (Thomas Naylor). [Court records of New Amsterdam Vol.VI, pg.129]

1689 - Will of Anna (Medford), widow of Thomas Hall of New Amsterdam, left her property, by will, to "two cousins" of her deceased husband, Humphrey Underhill and Mary Underhill, wife of John Stites. [N.Y. Wills Vol.1, p.41]

Children of her 2nd marriage were (in order as per Richard Stites will) :

  • James
  • Benjamin
  • Henry
  • William STITES.
  • John
  • Rebecca - wife of Robert Denge. Rebecca died before the making of her fathers wil on 6 Nov 1700.
  • Margaret
  • Mary.

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