Family History


 Humphrey UNDERHILL was christened on 24 Apr 1608 in Whitchurch, Warwickshire.1

He resided at Wincot in the Parish of Clifford Chambers.

It is not known when he died. Some researchers have plucked out a burial from 1657 in the Clifford Chambers, Gloucestershire / Warickshire Parish Burial Register.1 However that reads "1657 Child of Mr Humphrie Undrill was buried the 26 of August in the yeare". The first word child was not easily read for the unitiated as the "C" is heavily obscured and the "h" was written in the old English style which looks upside down :-

Some researchers also claim that he was first married to Meriall COLCHESTER on the 8 Aug 1625 in Stretton-on-Fosse, Warwickshire.1 However a christening has now been found for Merriall (with new indexing of the records) and she was christened in 1598 making her 27 on marriage compared to Humphrey's age of 17. Unlikely perhaps. However a new and more likely candidate has been found for her husband, and that is Humphrey's uncle Humphrey born in 1589 in Whitchurch and again previously not recorded. See uncle Humphrey's page for more his lineage.

In that case then his first marriage was to Mary, surname Hall or otherwise. As there is a gap in the Clifford Chambers parish register from 1629 to 1636 any likely marriage and any other possible earlier children's details are lost.

 Mary?? [HALL].

Who was Humphrey's wife? See my paper on who she wasn't.

Children were : -

i.  George christened on the 4 Aug 1637 in Clifford Chambers.
ii. Margaret chr. 13 Mar 1639 in Clifford Chambers
iii. Mary UNDERHILL chr. 15 Nov 1640 in Clifford Chambers.
iv.  Anne chr. 11 Jan 1643  in Clifford Chambers.
v  Rebeccah chr. 2 Dec 1644  in Clifford Chambers.
vi.  Simon chr. 20 Oct 1649    in Clifford Chambers.
vii. William chr. 23 Aug 1651  in Clifford Chambers.
viii.  Susanah chr. Feb 1654  in Clifford Chambers.
ix.  Sarah chr. Feb 1654  in Clifford Chambers.
(All the christenings as found in the Parish Register from the gap in 1636.)
Burial of a child in 1657 as described above.

The strange thing is that this family seems to disappear completely after the child's burial in 1657. Did they also go to America? Were they on a ship bound for America which was lost at sea? All lost to the plague in 1665 but not recorded in the burial register?

1. Parish Registers as stated. Note that Clifford Chambers was part of Gloucestershire but is now in Warwickshire so records can be found in either counties records.

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