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Biographical Register of Saint Andrew's Society of the State of New York.
Vol. I, 1756-1806
By William M. MacBean
Printed for the Society - 1922

Pg. 164
David Galbreath was the son of Thomas Galbreath, who in June, 1771, arrived from Scotland in the Frienship, and engaged in the haberdashery, millinery, hosiery and men's furnishing trade, but so far as our records show did not join the Society. On his departure for Scotland, in November, 1779, Thomas turned over the care of the business to his son David. In November, 1780, after winding up his father's business, David entered into partnership with one Thomson under the name of Galbreath & Thomson, at 219 Queen Street. This partnership was quickly dissolved and on April 1st, 1781, David sailed for Europe. The date of his return has not been noted, but in 1784 the same firm was engaged in the dry goods business at 228 Queen Street, near the Fly Market, and notified the public that the copartnership had expired. On September 1st, 1784, David Galbreath & Co. were doing business at the same store. On October 12th, 1785, David married Cornelia, third daughter of John Stites, a New York merchant. He continued in business at the same stand until 1789 when the premises were advertised "To Let". On July 3rd, 1791, he, with his wife and family, sailed from New York for Bristol, on the ship Bristol, Captain Robert Adamson. In 1793 Galbreath was in partnership with one Thomas Elmes, as Galbreath & Elmes, at 30 Queen Street. The firm dissolved September 1st, 1802, and Alexander MacGregor was appointed to make a settlement with debtors and creditors. Thereafter nothing is known until April 10th, 1811, when David and his eldest son Thomas, came to New York on the ship Hercules from Liverpool on their way to New Orleans, probably on business. While returning from New Orleans on the brig Canon the son died, September 8th, 1811, in his 22nd year. The notice of death stated that David was then "of London". David died at Gibraltar, February 6th, 1812. - The Press.

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