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Samuel BUTCHER was christened on 25 Jan 1789 / 23 Mar 1794 in Westerham, Kent1. He died on 10 March 1866 in the Bromley Union Workhouse at Farnborough, Kent2.

Samuel's birth details are still not exactly certain as the following ages have been recorded for him :-
1841 census - 55yrs (5yrs rounded) i.e. born between 1782 & 1786
1851 census - 67 years i.e. born ca.1784
1861 census - 73 yrs i.e. born ca. 1788
1866 death - 78 yrs i.e. born ca. 1788

In the 1851 & 1861 censuses he gave his place of birth as Westerham. A check of the Westerham Parish Registers show that there was only one family of Butchers in the Registers during the latter half of the 1700's and first three decades of the 1800s. This was the family of Martin & Mary and their children. They baptised two children as Samuel in 1789 & 1794. It is presumed that the first Samuel died however no burial was found, but the burial register was unreadable in large parts during those years due to fading. Samuel's difference in age from the baptism and the censuses could have been deliberate or just the mixing up of his birth date as he was most likely illiterate, which may or may not be confirmed once his marriage record is found. Also as has been known, there was no death but one Samuel baptised twice, such as hurriedly at home as a sickly baby, second in church as a proper baptism. Or in rare cases two sons named Samuel, again the first being sickly and not expected to live, a new arrival was given the same name, with the first then surviving. Or an error in the Parish Register with the wrong name being entered for the 2nd baptism.

Known places of residence :-
Westerham, Kent (Birth - details in the 1851 & 1861 census)1
Cudham, Kent (children's baptisms 1818 & 1820)1
West Wickham, Kent (children's baptisms 1823-1838)1
Keston, Kent (1841 & 1851 censuses)3
Westerham Road, Bromley, Kent (1861 census)3
Bromley Union Workhouse at Farnborough, Kent2. (Death Certificate 1866)2 

Occupation :-
Yeoman (1817 - Marriage Licence)5
Gardener (1839 - daughter Fanny's marriage certificate)
Agricultural Labourer (1841, 1851 & 1861 censuses)3
Labourer (Death Certificate 1866)2

Samuel was married by licence5 to Amey MEADS on the 23rd December 1817 at Hitcham1, Buckinghamshire, the parish register noting that Samuel was from West Wickham, Kent.

Amey MEADS was born about 1790. She died on 4 March 1851 in Keston4. She was buried on 9 March 1851 in Keston, Kent by Coroner's Warrant1. The Burial Register and Death Certificate gave her age as 60 years.

Children were:

childi.  Frances BUTCHER was christened on 31 May 1818 in Cudham, Kent1.
child ii.  Hester BUTCHER was christened on 22 Oct 1820 in Cudham1.
child iii.  Anne BUTCHER was born on 10 Jul 1823. She was christened on 10 Aug 1823 in West Wickham, Kent1.
child iv.  Jane BUTCHER was born on 3 Apr 1826. She was christened on 30 Apr 1826 in West Wickham1.
child v.  William BUTCHER was born on 4 Aug 1828. He was christened on 31 Aug 1828 in West Wickham1.
child vi.  John BUTCHER was born on 16 Feb 1831. He was christened on 20 Mar 1831 in West Wickham1.
child vii.  Emma BUTCHER was born on 19 Nov 1833. She was christened on 22 Dec 1833 in West Wickham1.
child viii.  Henry BUTCHER was born on 24 Jan 1836. He was christened on 28 Feb 1836 in West Wickham1.
child ix.  James BUTCHER was born on 27 Sep 1838. He was christened on 11 Nov 1838 in West Wickham1.

A child James was buried in Keston on 20 September 1840 aged 8 months1. If he was Samuel & Amy's son then he should have been aged 2 yrs. They were the only Butcher family in Keston at the time so unless the age is a mistake then it appears that one of their elder daughters may have had an illegitimate child, as did Frances in 1835.

Sources :-
1. Parish Register - location as stated.
2. Samuel's Death Certificate - 1866, Mar Q, Bromley, 2a-213.
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5. Buckinghamshire Marriage Licences - 23 Dec 1817

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