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Martin BUTCHER was born about 1756. He was buried on 4 Aug 1818 in Westerham, Kent.

Mary was born about 1759. She was buried on 29 Jul 1827 in Westerham, Kent. A possible marriage is :-
Martin Butcher married Mary BARBER on 28 Nov 1779 in Shipbourne, Kent.

The following is a possible family tree but is uncertain. One thing it does have in its favour is where the first name of Martin may have come from.

This would give ancestestral surnames of Latter, Martin & Tomlinson in Shipbourne, Plaxtol, Tonbridge and the Chatham area of Kent.

Children were:

child i. Maximilian BUTCHER was christened on 21 May 1786 in Westerham.
child ii. Samuel BUTCHER was christened on 25 Jan 1789 in Westerham. He died presumed between 1789 & 1794.
child iii. Jane BUTCHER was christened on 4 Sep 1791 in Westerham. She was buried on 4 Mar 1803 in Westerham.
childiv. Samuel BUTCHER was christened on 23 Mar 1794 in Westerham.
child v. John BUTCHER was christened on 11 Dec 1796 in Westerham. He was buried on 12 Jul 1797 in Westerham.
child vi. Sally BUTCHER was christened on 23 Dec 1798 in Westerham.
child vii. Anne BUTCHER was christened on 6 Dec 1801 in Westerham.
child viii. Fanny BUTCHER was christened on 20 May 1804 in Westerham.


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