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144. Thomas TURNOY, born early 1700's. Most likely burial - 24 Mar 1778 in Husborne Crawley, Bedfordshire.

There are many family trees including Thomas in the LDS pedigrees and on the internet. They seem to have been built on an erroneous birth/baptism in the IGI, that is - Thomas Turney, bapt 8 Jan 1714/5 at Husborne Crawley, son of George. The Husborne Crawley Parish Register does not support this IGI entry. In fact it is not really a birth/baptism at all, but the burial of an unbaptized child. 
The following entry is from the Husborne Crawley Parish Register Burials pages :-

(Burial) Thomas son of George Turney unbaptiz'd - Jan : 8th

There is no baptism in the Register for Thomas 1714/5, only the above burial on the Burials page, with the notation - 'unbaptized'. He obviously died soon after birth. The IGI entries (there are two) are both submissions by LDS members, and are not as a result of  LDS extractions of the Husborne Crawley Register, which have been done for this period.
The burial of the mother Mary is also recorded on the 21 Jan, 13 days after the child Thomas' burial, almost certainly from the effects of the birth.
Click on the following links to see the relevant pages from the Husborne Crawley Parish Register :-
Baptisms 1714/15 (Showing no baptism for George)      Burials 1714/5 (Showing his burial as unbaptised)

There is no further marriage for George, or a likely baptism for Thomas. However it is possible that George re-married. A George Turney of Husborne Crawley left a will in 1754 (see transcript). This George names a son Thomas, among a number of other children. None seem to be recorded on the IGI, which is pretty complete for Bedfordshire. Nor is there a marriage for this George to a wife Sarah as per the will. Possibilities are that George was a non-conformist in this period, or elsewhere in a location that is not on the IGI.

Hence there is a good chance that Thomas is the son of this George & Sarah. However at this stage it can only be speculation.

Thomas Turney was married to Sarah BOUGHTON on 14 Sep 1741 in Bedford St. Paul, Bedfordshire.

The entry in the Parish Register of Bedford St. Paul notes that Thomas was a batchelor of Ridgemont and that Sarah was a spinster from Ampthill. The marriage was by Licence. Unfortunately the Bedforsdshire Marriage Licences between 1618 & 1747 are missing.

145. Sarah BOUGHTON was christened on 5 Nov 1721 in Maulden, Beds. 

Children were:

child i.
Sarah TURNEY was christened on 24 May 1747 in Eversholt.
child ii. Thomas TURNEY was christened on 24 May 1747 in Eversholt.
child iii. George TURNOY was christened on 27 Nov 1748 in Eversholt. He was buried on 30 Nov 1748 in Eversholt, Bedfordshire.
child iv. Mary TURNEY was christened on 19 Apr 1750 in Ridgmont, Beds.
child v. George TURNOY was christened on 20 May 1752 in Ridgmont, Beds.
child vi. Kitty TURNEY was christened on 27 Sep 1754 in Ridgmont, Beds.
child72 vii. John TURNEY was christened on 17 Mar 1758 in Ridgmont, Beds. He died on 3 Oct 1801 in Husborne Crawley, Beds.
child viii. William TURNEY was christened on 14 Jan 1760 in Ridgmont, Beds.
child ix. Joseph TURNEY was christened on 27 Dec 1762 in Ridgmont, Beds.