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John SHINGFIELD / SHINFILED / SHINKFIELD was born about 1757/8. He died on the 3 Jan 1851 at Shouldham, Norfolk3, and was buried on 9 Jan 18511. According to the ages given in the 1841 census (age 83) and death certificate (age 92) he was born circa 1757/8. However I believe I have found his baptism which was at Northwold, Norfolk on the 22 Apr 1761 - "Robert & John the sons of Robert & Rose Shinkfield". It is possible due his advanced age in 1841 & 1851 that he and his family were a little confused as to when he was actually born. Alternately as he was baptised with his brother Robert it may be that he was born earlier and not immediatley baptised but done with the Robert, then again they may have been twins with the baptism shortly after birth. However what draws me to this baptism is the names of his parents Robert & Rose. John named two of his children as such. Also Robert remarried after the death of his 1st wife, to Leah. John also named one of his children Leah, possibly after his step mother.The combination of the names Robert, Rose & Leah would not be common. Also the 1st born Elizabeth matches John's grandmother, In considering John's other children it would be interesting to see if any of their names match up with the parents of Robert's 1st wife Rosamund Routh, particularly if it is Susnna the 2nd daughter's name. I have yet to find the baptism of Rosamund.

His occupations have been recorded as :-
Agricultural Labourer (1841 census - at the age of 83 )
Labourer - (Death Certificate 1851)

Recorded addresses :-
Shouldham (Marriage 1786, 1841 Census, Death & Burial 1851)
In the Shouldham Poor Rate assessment of 1824 John is shown as the occupier of a Cottage owned by John Aylmer.

He was married to Hannah (Anna) THORP on 16 Oct 1786 in Shouldham, Norfolk1.

Hannah (Anna) THORP was christened on 25 October 1761 in Shouldham1. She was buried on 10 Oct 1847 in Shouldham1.

Recorded addresses :-
Shouldham, Norfolk (Marriage 1786, 1841 Census, Burial 1847)

She is recorded in the Parish Register as Anna upon her marriage, but as Hannah in the 1841 census and in the Parish Register at her burial in 1847.

Children were:

child i. Elizabeth SHINGFIELD  was christened on 3 February 1788 in Shouldham1.
child ii. Susanna SHINGFIELD was christened on 7 Feb 1790 in Shouldham1. She died on the 22 October 1886 in Shouldham.
child iii. Robert SHINGFIELD  was christened on 8 May 1791 in Shouldham1.
child iv. John SHINGFIELD was christened on 18 Nov 1792 in Shouldham1.
child v.  Rose SHINGFIELD was christened on 13 Nov 1796 in Shouldham1.
child vi. Ann SHINGFIELD was christened on 19 Nov 1798 in Shouldham1.
child vii. Leah SHINGFIELD was born on 1 Apr 1801 in Shouldham1. She was christened on 3 May 1801 in Shouldham1.
child viii. Joseph SHINGFIELD was born on 22 Oct 1803 in Shouldham1. He was christened on 13 Nov 1803 in Shouldham1.

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2. Census returns :-
    1841 - HO107/755/3/f.12/p.18
3. Death Certificate - 1851, Mar Q, Downham, xiii-67


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