Family History


William THORPE was christened on 3 Mar 1731 in Shouldham, Norfolk. (1) He was married to Elizabeth RUSSELL on 8 Nov 1758 in Shouldham.(1)

Elizabeth RUSSELL was christened on 19 Nov 1732 in Shouldham, Norfolk.(1) She was buried on 9 Jan 1784 in Shouldham.(1)  

Children were:

child i.   Ann THORPE was christened on 4 Jan 1759 in Shouldham. (1)
child ii.  Hannah (Anna) THORP.
child iii. Robert THORPE was christened on 7 Jan 1763 in Shouldham. (1)

Robert was buried 16 days after his mother Elizabeth. His was the following burial entry in the Shouldham Parish Register had the following notation :- son of the above - "died of immoderate gri.."
Presumably the last word was "grief". It is possible Robert was a suicide and the comment was made to show he was of unsound mind at the time, hence so that he could be buried in the churchyard with his mother.

child iv.  Charles THORPE was christened on 21 Oct 1764 in Shouldham. (1) He was buried on 12 June 1840 in Shouldham. (1)
child v.   Lucy THORPE was christened on 6 Nov 1768 in Shouldham. (1)
child vi.  Thomas THORPE was christened on 21 Oct 1770 in Shouldham. (1)
child vii.  Susanna THORPE was christened on 12 Apr 1773 in Shouldham. (1)
child viii.  Nazareth THORPE was christened on 22 Dec 1776 in Shouldham. (1)

(1) Shouldham Parish Register.


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