Family History


146. John RANDALL was christened on 16 Feb 1740 in Cranfield, Beds. He was buried on 9 Oct 1811 in Lidlington, with the notation "of Marston". When he made his will in 1810 he described himself as "of Marston Mortaine".

John Randall's occupation has been recorded as :-
Butcher (Land records 1774) 
Farmer & Butcher (Daughter Elizabeth's Marriage Licence Bond 1783)
Yeoman (Will 1810)

1774 - John Randall of Lidlington - Lease & release - see further here.

1782- The Manor of Lidlington - Court Leet 12 Nov 1782
The Homage (jury) - included John Randall, sworn.
And also that John Randall holder certain premises formerly Davidson's in his own occupation under the yearly rent of two shillings and eight pence.

He appears in the 1783 Land Tax records for Lidlington paying tax as the occupier of a two properties belonging to a James Baker and Mary Cartwright respectively. Later he moved to Marston Mortaine as evidenced by his Will.

The property he was leasing in Marston Mortaine was the subject of a Land Tax Redemption Contract in 1804, which in part reads :-
"And for the redemption by him of four pounds four shillings and two pence Land Tax being the Land Tax charged upon a Messuage or Farmhouse with the Homestead and appurtenances thereunto belonging Two Tenements or Dwelling houses and fifty Acres of Arable land ley meadows pasture sweard ground and wood ground situate in the Parish of Marston Mortain in the County of Bedford and which Premises are assessed in the assessment made in the Parish of Marston Mortain for the Year 1804 as follows Viz. Wm Farrer Esq Proprietor John Randall Occupier 4.4.2 Sum assessed"

A Transcript of the entire document, (the rest does not apply to John Randall) can be viewed here.

!807 & 1808 - John Randall of Lidlington - Lease & release - see further here.

His Last Will & Testament was proven on the 16 Oct 1811 in the Archdeaconry of Bedford.
See also Death Duties Register.

He was married to Sarah KEENES on 15 Feb 1763 in Cranfield, Beds.

147. Sarah KEENES was christened on 18 Jun 1738 in Cranfield, Beds. She was buried on 29 Sep 1811 in Lidlington with the notation "wife of John Randall, from Marston Morteyne".

Children were:

child73 i. Elizabeth RANDALL was christened on 3 Jul 1763 in Cranfield.
child ii. Sarah RANDALL was christened on 5 May 1765 in Lidlington.
child iii. Thomas RANDALL was christened on 25 Oct 1766 in Lidlington.
child iv. John RANDALL was christened on 12 Feb 1769 in Lidlington.
child v. Sarah RANDALL was christened on 6 Jan 1771 in Lidlington.
child vi. Richard RANDALL was christened on 3 Feb 1772 in Lidlington.
child vii. Richard RANDALL was christened on 13 Aug 1773 in Lidlington.
child viii. William RANDALL was christened on 30 Aug 1774 in Lidlington.
child ix. James RANDALL was christened on 27 Jan 1778 in Lidlington.
child x. Ann RANDALL was christened on 15 Nov 1778 in Lidlington.
child xi. Robert RANDALL was christened on 23 Jul 1780 in Lidlington. He was buried on 28 Sep 1780.
child xii. Eleanor RANDALL was buried on 24 Sep 1781 in Lidlington.