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Andrew /Andro or James HAMPTON.

There is much discussion on John Hampton's parentage. Some opt for Andrew Hampton, others for James Hampton.
The surviving possible baptisms are :-

  • Kineff - 1 Oct 1643 Jhone s. Andre Hamptone & Ketterine Sherrreff.
  • Arbuthnott - 17 Jan 1658 Johne Hampton s. of James in Barnyards of Allards.
    The major problem with James Hampton being the father and John being born in 1658 is the age of John's documented daughter Janet. She is reported as having been born circa 1668.
  • The third possibility is a baptism in Dunnottar Parish where an Andrew Hampton was a servitor of Earl Marishcal of Dunnottar Castle in 1640. This may or may not be the same Andrew in Kineff from 1643 to 1654. Dunnottar's parish records do not survive for baptisms before 1672, nor marriages before 1755, so any baptisms & marriages recorded there before those dates are now lost. Also the Scots did not generally record burials in parish registers so it cannot be ascertained which children either died or survived in those times of high infant mortality, so a baptism doesn't necessarily mean a surviving child who grew to adulthood.

We know that the son John Hampton had an association with Dunnottar Parish & the Barclays of Urie being mentioned in the 'Record Book of Friends of the Monethly Meeting att Urie'.

Records of Andrew HAMPTON in Kincardineshire.

  • 1640 - Thursday the 23d of July the laird of Elsick and Andrew Hampton servitor to Marischal [Earl of Dunnottar Castle], with lieutenant Crowner Middleton, were by Marischal directed to go to the lands and baronies of Drum and Pitfoddels, and there fence and hold courts upon their tenants, and decern them to pay their bygone duties to Marischal, and take new tacks of him as dominus fundi, and withal to prepare men for the Bowlroad. Thir poor tenants wanting their masters, Drum being lying in the tolbooth of Edinburgh, and pitfodeels fled out of the country as an anti-covenanter, know not what to do, nor whom to obey, yet forced to obey Marischal.

    1640 - Upon Wednesday the 19th of September, Andrew Hampton fervitor to the earle Marischall [of Dunnottar Castle], and at his command, violently spulzied [plundered] William Scott's house in New Aberdein, (himselfe being fled frae the good cause out of Scotland,) of daills, gefts, and other fyne timber, salt, tobacco, and the like commodities, wherof there was plenty, and by sea transported the same to Dunnotter, to the wrack of the honest man.

    [Source - 'History of the troubles and memorable Transactions in Scotland and England from 1624 to 1645' Vol. 1
    by John Spalding (From the original manuscript of John Spalding, Commissary Clerk of Aberdeen.) - printed 1792]
  • 1743 to 1754, children baptised at Arbuthnott to Andrew, firstly with Ketterine Scherreff, secondly with Kettrine Sirris.
  • Register of Sasines in Kincardine - HAMPTONE, Andrew in Glaslow (Dunnottar) - 5 Aug 1656 - V.6 Fol.9
  • Will - St. Andrews Commissary Court - 1 Jul 1674 - HAMPTON, Andro, in Glaslaw, Parish of Dunnottar - Testament Dative & Inv. ref CC20/4/13
    See Transcript
  • Notes - if this is the same Andrew as in Arbuthnott then between the dates of the records above, i.e. from 1643 to 1654 he was living in Arbuthnott before returning to Dunnottar parish in 1656, which is possible if he purchased the property in Glaslaw as above in 1656. Otherwise they are two different Andrews, one in Dunnottar, one in Arbuthnott, and with the loss of the Dunnottar parish registers it is not possible to ascertain if another Andrew was having children there during this period at the same time as the Andrew in Arbuthnott. Either way the above points to an Andrew being John's father, not James.

Children -

child i. John HAMPTON.

Map of Kincardineshire, Scotland showing the aforementioned locations.

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