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John HAMPTON was born in Scotland. He died on 23 Jan 1702 in Freehold, Monmouth Co., NJ, USA. He is variously recorded in the New Jersey records under Hampton, Hamton, Hanton, Hantone etc., and in Scottish records as Hamptone, Hamptonn & Hamptoun.

Some notes on :-
John Hampton's parentage?
Is Janet really John's daughter?

John was a Quaker. He alongside John Reid were brought to New Jersey by the Scotch Proprietors Stock as overseers.


Cargo of Ship Exchange
The conditions allowed to David Barclay  ..................... So long as he continued with it in according to the factorie granted him daited ..... May 1683, and the 2 overseers John Hanton & John Reid were to have 25 English yearlie, and for payment of the first year each a share of ten acres in Ambo Point which being accompted at 5 a pice with 10 of money they receaved in Scottland ere they went away completed theire first yeares payment ..................... And it is to be noticed that this 3 lotts of 10 acres upon Ambo Point to David Barclay, John Hantone and John Reid, as also that sold to Bartholomew Gibson the price whereof went into stock is to be devided pro rato out of the shares of the Proprietors here concerned.
[Documents relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey - V.1, pg.s 467-8.]


Instructions to Andrew Hamilton
............... Imprimis we doe hereby authorize him to call before him, our friends John Hanton and John Reid persones imployed by us as overseers of the stock of nine hundred pound Starling, value in England comitted in the year 1683 by us our friends David Barclay merchant now deseassed and by him put into their hands in money goods, corne, cattle, and servants for settling a plantation to our use, there to be informed by them in the severall particulars aftermentioned & every one of them, that he may bring unto us an exact and true account of them.
     First we doe impower and authorize the said Capt. Hamilton to call for a sight of our instructions - given by us 1683 to our said overseers, John Hanton and John Reid, and to take notice particularly wherein our said overseers have observed them and wherein they have neglected them And to returne to us a particular account thereof, we have here besides our selfs coppies of our said instructions too long here to be repeated, so we referr him to the originall pappers in their owne hands And from themselfs to send us notice what is done by them in every particular of the said instructions, and what is undone thereof with the reasons of the same.
     Item to enquire what platt of ground they wer each of them setled upon and where it lyes, and how many acres it contains.
     Item to receive from the said John Reid a map of ground plat of both the said plantations taken up by the saids John Hanton and John Reid as it lyeth and as they are bounded, As also to bring a coppy of such patent as is passed for all the lands they have on this joynt stock, And in caise ther be any weakness or defficiency in such grant or grants, that he will procure such further or other patents as may legally and effectually intitle unto all such lands.
     .................. Lastly we are informed that John Reid and John Hanton have exchaynged their lotts in Ambo Point with land in the Country, we desyre to know from whose share that land in the Country is deduced and upon what termes and of whome they have it.
Dated March 26th 1686
[Documents relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey - V.1, pg.s 510-3.]


Shipments to New Jersey - 1684 :-
Memorandum of this, ther is in Catle in the overseers and servants custody viz. -
   John Hanton hath   9 Cowes
   John Reid hath       8
   John Reid and Peter Watson  4.  In all 21 Cowes and 15 Calves.More. John Hanton received   6 oxen
   James Reid and Peter Watson 4
   John Reid 6. In all 16 Oxen
                                              It makes 37.
In horses and mares as follows viz. -
   John Hanton hath 2 horses and 1 mare
   John Reid    2
James Reid and Peter Watson 2 mares
Horses and mares in all 7  cost 38.9.2 1/2.
In breeding sowes viz.-
   John Hanton received 2
   John Reid                   4
   James Reid and partner 2.  In all 8 cost  3.4.5 1/2.
[Documents relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey - V.1, pg.s 464-5.]


Letter from A. Hamilton to W. Dockwra
One word of Jo: Hantons plantation at Changerora. I wold fain have you to have it. In the first place because it is a good plantation to setle on & will always be saleable, 2nd I think I can sett you upon a way to purchase it.
[Documents relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey - V.2, pg.s 32.]

And among other mema the following, written it is presumed at least twenty years afterward, when the letter was sent to his then agent -
"vide. How about our interest in the land taken up in the fund of 950 call'd the Scotch Proprs Stock.
What is said about the lands at Changarora in John Hatons possession and the lands at Amboy.
In John Reids possession - both being servants to us the particular Proprietors of that land belonging to our Stock. And all the 950 is sunk & gone upon the expectation of improveing two profitable Plantations but we have lost all our capitall & about 25 years interest which is above two thousand pounds. And haveing nothing left for so much money but the bare ground.
[Documents relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey - V.2, pg.s 33.]


He was married to Martha BROWN on 3 Mar 1686/87 in Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co; NJ, USA.

  Martha BROWN was born about 1665 in Mansfield, NJ, USA. She died about 1697 in Monmouth Co., NJ, USA. Children were:

child i.  Andrew HAMPTON was born in 1688 in Freehold, Monmouth Co., NJ, USA. He died in 1725 in Cecil Co; Maryland, USA.
child ii.  Noah HAMPTON was born in 1690 in Freehold, Monmouth Co., NJ, USA. He died in 1775 in Virginia, USA.
child iii.  Jonathan HAMPTON.

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