Family History


4. ?? SLATER.

The following children are siblings named in their son William's Will. He describes them as siblings apart from Elizabeth & Ann but whether they are his sisters or some other relations has yet to be established.

No details are yet know about the parents of the children.

Children were:

child i. William SLATER died about 1790 in Rochford, Essex.
He made his Last Will and Testament on the 10 December 1788 and it was proven on the 15 July 1790.
child ii. Mary SLATER.
child2 iii. James SLATER was born about 1748. He was buried on 21 Oct 1822 in Horndon-on-the-Hill, Essex.
child iv. Thomas SLATER.
child v. John SLATER.
child vi. Joseph SLATER.
child vii. Elizabeth? SLATER.
child viii. Ann? SLATER.

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