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Thomas FRETTON died on the 27 Dec 1789 in Horndon on the Hill, Essex. He was buried at Stanford-le-Hope on the 1 Jan 1790.  He made his Last Will and Testament on 3 May 1788 which was proven 20 years later on 4 October 1808. (see comments below).  
Thomas was born about 1720, an estimate based on his marriage date and wife's age. He died on the 27 Dec 1789 in Horndon-on-the-Hill, Essex, [1] and was buried on the 1 Jan 1790 in Stanford-le-Hope, Essex. [2]
Some people confuse his death date in 1789 with the date of the proving of his will in 1808. [1] However the proving of the will in 1808 specifically notes :-
"The fourth day of October 1808 Susannah Fretton the relict [widow] and executrix and Thomas Fretton the son & one of the executors within named were sworn to the truth of this Will, and that the wole [whole] of the goods chattles & credits of the deceased who departed this life at Horndon on the Hill in the County of Essex on the 27th of December 1789 did not amount to one hundred pounds."
Thus it can be seen that he died in 1789 and for some reason the proving of the will happened almost 20 years later in 1808, perhaps to deal with subsequent sale or proof of ownership of Thomas's assets.
Some people also confuse him with another Thomas who married Ann Read. This Thomas married a Susannah, surname unknown as the marriage has not been located. The following table quite clearly shows that there were two separate families with a husband Thomas in the area in the mid 1750's and the dates overlap with one Thomas firmly ensconced in Corringham, the other moving variously no doubt with his job as a cowleach.* In assessing the following table it is important to realize that the second family of Thomas & Susannah's children match those in Thomas's will, hence confirming the family and the movements to various parishes over his lifetime. 
Thomas Fretton married Ann Read on the 31 Oct 1745 in Corringham
James Fretton 27 Aug 1749 Thomas Ann Corringham
John Fretton 10 Feb 1754 Thomas Ann Corringham
Susannah Fretton 24 Apr 1757 Thomas Ann Corringham
Elizabeth Fretton 30 May 1759 Thomas Ann Corringham
Elizabeth Fretton 30 May 1759 Thomas Ann Corringham Twins daughters
Mary Fretton 30 May 1759 Thomas Ann Corringham Twins daughters
Thomas Fretton & Susannah - Marriage not found.
Ann Fritten 9 Jun 1749 Thomas Susanna Stifford Buried 1 Nov 1749
Sarah Fretten 21 Oct 1750 Thomas Susanna Childerditch
Thomas Fretten 15 Mar 1752 Thomas Susannah Childerditch
Ann Fretten 14 Oct 1753 Thomas Susannah Childerditch
Elizabeth Fretten 2 Mar 1755 Thomas Susan Great Warley
Samuel Fretten 21 Aug 1757 Thomas Susan Great Warley Buried 2 Apr 1786 in Stanford-le-Hope, from Horndon.
John Fretton 9 Dec 1759 Thomas Susanna East Horndon
Martha Fretton 15 Mar 1761 Thomas Susan East Horndon
Susannah Fretton 12 Aug 1764 Thomas Susannah Ingrave, St Nicholas
William Fretton 12 Feb 1766 Thomas Susan Ingrave, St Nicholas Buried 5 Nov 1766
William Fretton 17 Apr 1767 Thomas Susan Ingrave, St Nicholas
James Fretton 5 Nov 1768 Thomas Susannah Ingrave, St Nicholas bur. 29 Sep 1773 at Stanford-le-Hope s. Thomas
Henry Frettons 29 Sep 1770 Thomas Susannah Ingrave, St Nicholas
The parishes listed for Thomas & Susannah above are all adjacent to each other and it is clear that Thomas moved from time to time to a neighbouring parish, no doubt for work. The above christenings are all referenced from the Essex Parish registers for the locations mentioned. [3]
It is difficult to identify the two Thomases, the one married to Susannah and the one to Ann Read. Both seem to originate from Stanford-le-Hope, this Thomas choosing to be buried there even though he was resident in Horndon-on-the-Hill. In Stanford-le-Hope there is only one baptism for a Thomas in the suitable time frame, that baptism being in 1722 the son of Henry & Susannah. However that Thomas would appear to be the Thomas who married Ann Read based on the will of his brother Henry. [4] In the 1720's there was also another Fretton family baptizing children in Stanford-le-Hope, that being a Thomas & Elizabeth, could they be this Thomas' parents although there is no recorded baptism? Between 1686 & 1691 there were three Frettons families baptizing children, fathers Henry, Thomas & John. This is a very limited time frame and I wonder if there are baptisms & marriages missing from the parish register for the Frettons.
Thomas appears in the 1789 Land Tax for Horndon-on-the-Hill :- [5]
1 rental - Proprietor Thos Fretton, occupier himself, assessed 1s 4d.
1 rental - Proprietor Fethuston, occupier Thomas Fretton, assessed 4d.

* Thomas in his will describes himself as a "cowleach". A cowleech is a cow doctor, the 18th century equivalent of a cow vet today.

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He was married to Susannah. No marrriage found.

7. Susannah. She was born about 1721 and died in 1822.
She was buried in Stanford-le-Hope :-
"Susan FRETTEN of Horndon on the Hill (widow of Thomas) buried 13 Jan 1822, Age 101"

Children were:

- Ann Fretton baptized on the 9 Jun 1749 and buried on the 1 Nov 1749 in Stifford.
Sarah Fretton baptized on the 21 Oct 1750 in Childerditch. Married Samuel Sanders of Orsett.
- Thomas
Fretton baptized on the 15 Mar 1752 in Childerditch.
- Ann FRETTON. baptized on the 14 Oct 1753 in Childerditch.
- Elizabeth Fretton baptized on the 2 Mar 1755 in Great Warley. Married Robert Garnish of West Thurrock.
- Samuel Fretton baptized on the 21 Aug 1757 in Great Warley. Buried on the 2 Apr 1786 in Stanford-le-Hope.
- John FRETTON baptized on the 9 Dec 1759 in East Horndon.
- Martha FRETTON baptized on the 15 Mar 1761 in East Horndon.
 - George FRETTON - no baptism found but mentioned in father's will.
- Susannah FRETTON baptized on the 12 Aug 1764 in Ingrave.
- William Fretton baptized on the 12 Feb 1766 and buried on the 5 Nov 1766 in Ingrave.
- William Fretton baptized on the 17 Apr 1767 in Ingrave. No burial found but not mentioned in his father's will.
- James Fretton baptized on the 5 Nov 1768. No burial found but not mentioned in his father's will.
 - Henry FRETTON baptized on the 29 Sep 1770 in Ingrave


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