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Jean / Jan / John / Jehan DALLY / DAILY / DALLIE / DAILLIE / DALY
 etc. was possibly born in 1642 or 1650.



Most published and online genealogies claim he was the Jehan Daillie baptized on the 7 Feb 1642 in the French or Walloon Church in Threadneedle Street, London, England, the son of Jean Daillie & Marguerite Madou. (Note it is not Madon as sometimes used - I have checked the original register and it is definitely Madou [LDS Film 466707].) Many websites also include the following two children in this family, Nicholas 1648 and Jean 1650, some claiming to a 2nd wife Sarah Willet married in 1648 in the Dutch Reformed Church of New York. However this marriage does NOT appear in the original church registers [LDS film #1927968] nor the transcripts available online (Olive genealogy & Internet Archive.) I have noticed a couple of internet sites where people have quite correctly questioned whether John Dally jnr was born in 1642 or 1650. If in fact John snr had a 2nd child named John this would infer that the 1st John had died (in most cases). Also if the 2nd child was to a different wife and indeed is the correct John then most genealogies are using the wrong maternal line of Madou, instead of the 2nd wife, possibly Willet?

Some web sites using the alternative of Jean / John born in 1650 quote a tax list from Virginia as proof. This tax list apparently shows a John Dally paying tax in 1666 with a son John Dally aged 16years or older. I have not yet looked at the original tax list to see the exact wording.

Much of what people have copied is from the book 'Staten Island and its people' by Charles W. Leng, publ. 1930. Much of this information was supplied by a Mr. D. S. Dalley of Plainfield, NJ. However no note is made in the book of the origins of Mr. D.S. Dalley's knowledge, was it family lore or the result of research? This "recollection" has John Dally snr moving from New York to Virginia, then Monhegan Island, Maine, then Staten Island, quite a journey up and down the East coast, interesting, but factual?? This information has been copied with, it seems, no further research nor any documentation to back it up.

As such I am now endeavoring to collate information from original sources and will only post that information on this website unless I add a strict caveat as to it's reliability.


He married  Lysbeth OBBE.

The couple are listed in the New York Marriage Licences2 - Dally, John & Elizabeth Ober, Book - Orders, Warrants & Letters V.II pg. 223, 11 Aug 1668 (see explanation on NY marriage licenses). Most of the marriage license books were destroyed in a fire so the original entries cannot be checked. The marriage is does not appear in the published transcripts.

John & Elizabeth sold a property on Staten Island in 1685 (see Deed transcript). It appears they may have been short of money as they immediately leased the property back from the new owner (see Indenture transcript).

Children :-

  • Catharina was baptized on the 17 Feb 1669 in the Dutch Reformed Church of New York.1
  • Marritie was baptized on the 28 Jul 1672 in the DRC.1
  • Marie was baptized on the 18 Mar 1674 in the DRC.1
  • Hendrick was baptized on the 26 Apr 1676 in the DRC.1
  • Phillip DALLY  was baptized on the 1 Dec 1678 in the DRC. (Phillipus DALY, s. Jan Daly & Lisbeth OBBE, sponsors Jan Van Gelder & Altie OBBE)1a
  • Nicholas was baptized on the 16 Oct 1680 in the DRC.1
  • Lidia was baptized on the 8 Mar 1693 in the DRC.1

1. Registers and also register transcripts of the Reformed Dutch Church of New York.
1a. Original Register of the Reformed Dutch Church of New York. (LDS film 1927968)
2. 'Names of Persons for whom Marriage Licenses were issued by the Secretary of the Province of New York, previous to 1784' publ. 1860



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