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David Galbreath & the Ogden family

The following extracts are from the book 'Ogden Family History' publ. 1906.

An old letter dated June 1796, from Andrew Ogden, then of New York, to his brother Benjamin in Nova Scotia :-
"About a fortnight since I returned from Albany, where I went upon business for Galbreath & Elmes, after completion of which I took stage to Schenectady."
[pgs. 6 & 104.]

"In June 1796, as appears by his letter of that date, he was a clerk for Galbreath & Elmes, importers and jobbers, on a salary of 300, with the confidence of his employers and the expectation of being soon in business for himself."
[pg. 103.]

Letter dated June 1796 :-
"Mr. Elmes' ill state of health not admitting his doing any business since last November, Mr. Galbreath came out early this spring and assumed the direction. He proposes retiring in about 10 weeks, if Mr. Elmes does not get better of his complaints by that time. He of course will take in a new partner."

Note :-
This last entry, does not specify which Mr. Galbreath, or whether the statement "came out early this spring", means that it was David who came out from England.
Also Thomas Elmes recovered as he continued in business with David until at least 1811 (London Chancery case). He died in September 1915. [Court of Probates, New Orleans, 1815]



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