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Jeremiah CULLUM was baptised 24 May 1754 in Rougham, Suffolk1. He was buried on 13 Feb 1818 in Rougham1.

Recorded addresses :-
Rougham, Suffolk (Bapt. 1754, Marriage 1776, Children's Bapts 1786 - 1797, Burial 1818)

Jeremiah and his wife were presumably in another Parish between their marriage in 1776 and their children's baptisms in Rougham which don't start until 1786. Unconfirmed data possibly has them in Stanstead from about 1779-1784.

He was married to Susan FROST on 8 Apr 1776 in Gedding, Suffolk1.

Susan FROST was possibly baptised on the 26 Oct 1754 in Gedding2. This comes from the Suffolk Family History Society parish register transcripts for Gedding. However upon checking the actual register this baptism is recorded as for a child named Simon, the son of Simon Frost & Mary (Ray). I will check the Bishop's Transcripts to see what they have recorded. The SFHS could not shed any light on this discrepancy. However it seems a coincidence that this baptism date roughly matches the age for Susan as given at her burial. The 1754 baptism may well be for Susan with the father's name accidentally repeated for the child.

She was buried on 15 Aug 1837 in Rougham, Suffolk aged 82 years (ie. born ca. 1755)1.

Recorded addresses :-
Gedding, Suffolk (Marriage 1776)
Rougham, Suffolk (Children's Baptisms 1786 - 1797, Burial 1837)
Stanstead? - See notes under husband.

Children were:

child i. Jeremiah CULLUM was born about 1777 (unconfirmed).
child ii. Susanna CULLUM was christened on 6 June 1779 in Stanstead, Suffolk (unconfirmed)1. Married to Isaac NICE on 4 March 1801 in Rougham1. Buried 28 July 1850 in Rougham1.
child iii. Sarah CULLUM was christened on 14 April 1780 in Stanstead (unconfirmed)1. Married to William CALF (CAFF) on 16 November 1806 in Rougham1. Buried on 1 October 1849 in Rougham1.
child iv. Hannah CULLUM was christened on 17 March 1784 in Stanstead (unconfirmed)1.
child v. Elizabeth CULLUM was christened on 19 Nov 1786 in Rougham1.
child vi. John CULLUM was christened on 1 Mar 1789 in Rougham1.
child vii. George CULLUM was christened on 22 Jun 1791 in Rougham1.
child viii. Sophia CULLUM was christened on 16 Jul 1793 in Rougham1.
child63 ix. Mary CULLUM was christened on 11 Jun 1797 in Rougham1. She was buried on 11 Aug 1872 in Great Livermere, Sfk1.

1. Relevant parish register, place as named.
2. Suffolk Family History Society parish register transcripts.

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