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48. James PARKER was born about 1813 in Wokingham or Finchampstead, Berkshire. He died on 9 Oct 1898 in Egham Wick, Surrey1. He was buried on 13 Oct 1898 in Egham, Surrey2.

His occupations have been recorded as :-
Agricultural Labourer (1841, 1851, 1861, 1871 Census)
Farm Labourer (1881 Census)
Labourer (1891 Census & Marriage Certificate 1844)
Former Carter (Death Certificate 1898)

Recorded addresses :-
Old Windsor Common, Sunningdale, Berks (1841 Census)
Old Windsor Parish (Marriage Certificate 1844)
Egham, Surrey (son Thomas's Baptism 1846,)
Egham Wick, Surrey (1851, 1861, 1871 Census, Death Certificate 1898)
Titness Park Lodge, Sunninghill, Berks (1881, 1891 Census)

James gave the following ages in the census returns :-
1841 census - 25 - ca. 1812-1816
1851 census - 35 - ca. 1815
1861 census - 47 - ca 1813
1871 census - 57 - ca. 1813
1881 census - 68 - ca. 1812
1891 census - 75 - ca. 1815
The is some uncertainty about where James was born. In the 1851 to 1881 censuses he stated it as Wokingham, Berks, however in the 1891 census he gave Finchampstead, Berks. Wokingham is the large regional town whereas Finchampstead is a small village in a neighbouring Parish. It is possible that James was using Wokingham as his place of birth in a regional sense and only gave the specific village in 1891. There is no corresponding baptism for James in the Wokingham Parish Register. In the Finchampstead Church register is a James born 1813, which is the nearest to the ages he is recorded with in the censuses, however the father of that James is a William. On James'  marriage certificate his father's name is recorded as James. This may be a mistake, with his name being accidentilly repeated for the father. There is a James baptised in 1819 in Finchampstead with father James, mother Sarah, however that doesn't match the ages given over his lifetime unless it was a late baptism. There is a 6 year gap from the previous child for James & Sarah in 1813, so he may have been born ca. 1814/15 to them and not baptised until 1819. Until some other evidence is found, if it exists, his ancestry remain uncertain.

He was married to Mary WELLBELOVE on 8 Sep 1844 in Old Windsor, Berkshire8.

49. Mary WELLBELOVE was born about 1822 in Egham, Surrey. She died on 15 Feb 1898 at The Lodge, Titnes Park, Sunninghill4. She was buried on 19 Feb 1898 in Egham, Surrey2.

Her occupation has been recorded as :-
Servant (Marriage Certificate 1844)

Recorded addresses :-
Old Windsor Parish (Marriage Certificate 1844)
Egham, Surrey (son Thomas's Baptism 1846,)
Egham Wick, Surrey (1841?, 1851, 1861, 1871 Census)
Titness Park Lodge, Sunninghill, Berks (1881, 1891 Census)
Sunninghill, Berks (Burial 1898)

A baptism for Mary has yet to be found. Her age and birth place are consistent in the censuses ie born about 1821 in Egham. There is no corresponding baptism in the Egham Parish Register. In the 1841 census there is a Mary in the family of Thomas & Ann Welbelove for which there is no corresponding baptism and this could well be Mary. Also Thomas & Ann had a son Charles and a Charles was a witness to Mary's marriage.

Mary's death certificate incorrectly names her husband as "Thomas Parker a Park Labourer". Thomas was in fact her son and the informant on the death certificate. He is also the one person who consistently describes himself as a "labourer of (Great Windsor) Park". That this is Mary the wife of James Parker is confirming by the place of death - "Titnes Park". Mary & James Parker, married couple, were both at Titness Park in the 1881 & 1891censuses.

It would also appear that Mary had two illigitimate children, John William (or William John) and Charles William.

Children were:

child i. John William WELLBELOVE was born on the 7 Sep 1838 in Egham, Surrey5. He was christened on 7 Oct 1838 in Egham2. There is some confusion over the name, whether it is John William or William John. He appears in the baptismal records and on his birth certificate as John William. But he is in the burial register and on his death certificate as William John. He doesn't appear in the censuses so it is almost certain the same boy. His birth certificate does not name his father but does give the father's occupation as a Keeper. He died on the 14 Mar 1839, his death certificate has his mother as "Mary Welbelove, spinster". He was buried on 22 Mar 1839 in Egham, Surrey.
child ii. Charles William WELLBELOVE was born on 22 July 1841 in Egham7. He was christened on 22 Aug 1841 in Egham2. Charles is Mary's 2nd illigitimate son. He appears in the 1851 census listed as Charles Parker with James & Mary's other children.
child iii. George PARKER was christened on 8 Dec 1844 in Egham2.
child24 iv. Thomas PARKER was born on 23 Oct 1846 in Egham, Surrey. He was christened on 22 Nov 1846 in Egham2. He died on 3 Nov 1909 in The Wick, Egham. He was buried on 8 Nov 1909 in Virginia Water, Surrey.
child v. James William PARKER was christened on 24 Dec 1848 in Egham2.
child vi. William PARKER was born about 1850 in Egham.
child vii. John PARKER was born about 1852 in Egham.
child viii. Jesse PARKER was born about 1854 in Egham, Surrey. In the 1881 census he was a Gardener & Domestic Servant for the Director of the Royal Tapestry Works & Artists in Windsor, Berkshire.
child ix. Joseph PARKER was born about 1857 in Egham, Surrey. He appeared on the census in 1881 in Titness Park Lodge, Sunninghill, Berks as a Gardener.

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