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54. Thomas WARWICK was christened on 25 Apr 1802 in Albury, Herts1. He was buried on 23 July 1862 in Much Hadham1.

His occupation has been recorded as :-
Labourer (daughter Emma's bapt 1836)
Agricultural Labourer (1841, 1851, 1861 Census)
Carter  & ploughman - (Newspaper report 1862 - see below)

Recorded addresses :-
Albury, Herts (Baptism 1802)
Little Hadham (son's baptisms 1824 & 1826)
Green Tye, Much Hadham (1841 Census)
Much Hadham, Herts (childrens' baptisms 1827 - 1840, Census 1851)
Bennett's Farm, Green Tye, Much Hadham (1841 Census)
Cates (Kates) Green, Much Hadham (1861 Census)

Thomas died on the 19th of July 1862 `after being run over by a cart as reported in the newspaper :-
Herts Guardian, Agricultural Journal, And General Advertiser Saturday 26 July 1862
Widford - Fatal Accident - On Saturday last an inquest was held by M. S. Longmore esq. deputy coroner, at the White Horse, Widford, on the body of Thomas Warwick, who was run over. Mr. Daniel Halestrap, farmer of Great Hadham, employed deceased as carter and ploughman. On Friday they went to Ware between 12 and 1 were returning with a waggon loaded with manure, drawn by two horses : when they reached the White Horse, a little before four they stopped to put another horse on to help them up the hill; Mr. Halestrop had hold of the front horse to lead it up; and deceased put his leg before the shaft and his hand on the top of the waggon to get up, but it appears slipped and fell. Charles Dean, another of Mr. Halestrap's men called "wo" and when Mr. H. turned he saw deceased between the front and hind wheel of the waggon, which had stopped directly, and it was then on the man's body, but was drawn off. Deceased never spoke, drew a hard breath and died. It is thought the waggon weighed two tons. Mr. F. Smith of Widford, surgeon, thought death was caused by rupture of the intestines. Verdict "Accidental Death".
Another newspaper reported that the deceased "was under the influence of drink when the accident occurred." [Hertford Mercury and Reformer - Sat 26 July 1862]

He was married to Amelia WEAL on 11 Oct 1823 in Much Hadham1.

1. Amelia WEAL was born about 1800 in Brentwood, Essex. She died on the 12 October 1885 in the Union Workhouse at Bishop's Stortford, Herts2, and was buried on 15 Oct 1885 in Much Hadham, Herts1.

Recorded addresses :- Brentwood, Essex (Birth about 1800 - unconfirmed)
Little Hadham (son's baptisms 1824 & 1826)
Much Hadham, Herts (childrens' baptisms 1827 - 1840, Census 1851)
Bennett's Farm, Green Tye, Much Hadham (1841 Census)
Cates (Kates) Green, Much Hadham (1861 Census)
1 Woodside Cottage, Much Hadham (1871 Census)
Green Tye, Great (Much) Hadham (1881 Census)

In the 1881 census Amelia is incorrectly shown as being born in Much Hadham, whereas in the 1851, 1861 & 1871 censuses she gave her place of birth as Brentwood, Essex. As Amelia was 80 at the time of the 1881 census and living with her son George and his family, the earlier census details are most likely correct.

No baptism has been found in Brentwood. There is a baptism in nearby Doddinghurst in 1800 on 21 Dec, Emily, to parents Thomas & Sarah. Perhaps this is her?
However in the early 1800's a WEAL family appears in Much Hadham. This is the only family in Much Hadham of this name, so in all likelihood this is Amelia's parents & siblings.

Children were:

child i. George WARWICK was christened on 27 Jun 1824 in Little Hadham, Herts1. Mother shown as Mille. He was a in the 1881 census in Much Hadham, Herts. Agricultural Labourer
child ii. Samuel WARWICK was christened on 19 Feb 1826 in Little Hadham1. Mother shown as Mille.
The 1861 census notes that Samuel was "Deaf & Dumb from Birth".
The 1871 census notes that he was "An imbicile from birth".
child iii. Charles WARWICK was christened on 11 Oct 1827 in Much Hadham1.
child iv. Ann WARWICK was christened on 21 Jun 1829 in Much Hadham1.
child v. Eliza WARWICK was christened on 25 Sep 1831 in Much Hadham1.
child vi. William WARWICK was christened on 29 Dec 1833 in Much Hadham1. He was as a Greengrocer in Limehouse, London.
child27 vii. Emma WARWICK was christened on 10 Apr 1836 in Much Hadham1. She was buried in Aldbury, Herts on the 23 September 19291.
child viii. Elizabeth WARWICK was christened on 10 Apr 1836 in Much Hadham1.
child ix. Aaron WARWICK was christened on 10 Dec 1837 in Much Hadham1. He was buried on the 13 December 1837 aged 3 days1.
child x. Mary WARWICK was christened on 6 Jan 1839 in Much Hadham1.
child xi. Lydia WARWICK was christened on 9 Aug 1840 in Much Hadham1.

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