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24. Thomas PARKER was born on 23 Oct 1846 in Egham, Surrey1. He was christened on 22 Nov 1846 in Egham, Surrey2. He died on 3 Nov 1909 in The Wick, Egham, Surrey3. He was buried on 8 Nov 1909 in Virginia Water, Surrey2.

His occupations have been recorded as :-
Carter Boy (1861 Census)
Carpenter's Labourer (Son Percy's Birth Certificate)
Labourer (Marriage 1869, Censuses 1871,1881, 1891)
Bricklayer (1901 Census)
Fence Repairer, Windsor Great Park (Death Certificate 1909)

Recorded addresses :-
Egham, Surrey (Baptism 1846)
The Strood, Winkfield, Berks (1861 Census)
Egham Wick, Surrey (1851 Census, Marriage 1869, Burial 1909)
Hatchet Lane, Winkfield, Berks (1871 Census)
1 Wick Rd, Crown Cottage, Egham, Surrey (1881 Census)
Bellefields, Egham Wick, Surrey (1891 Census)
The Lodge, Bellefields, Egham Wick, Surrey (1901 Census)

Thomas served in the Berkshire Volunteer Force and was issued with a long service medal inscribed :- "Victoria Regina. For Long Service in the Volunteer Force. 2410 PTE. T.PARKER. 1st VBRL Berks Regiment."

He was married to Elizabeth BALLINGER on 24 Jul 1869 in Virginia Water, Surrey5.

25. Elizabeth BALLINGER was born on 10 Jul 1839 in Hereford, Herefordshire4. She was christened on 1 December 1839 in St. Nicholas, Hereford2. She died on 24 Dec 1918 at The Wick, Englefield Green, Surrey6, and was buried on 30 Dec 1918 in Virginia Water2.

Her occupations have been recorded as :-
Caretaker (1891 Census)

Recorded addresses :-
Hereford St Nicholas, Herefordshire (Birth Certificate 1839)
Wye Bridge St, Hereford (1841 & 1851 Census)
Bellefields, Egham Wick, Surrey (Marriage 1869, 1891 Census)
Hatchet Lane, Winkfield, Berks (1871 Census)
1 Wick Rd, Crown Cottage, Egham, Surrey (1881 Census)
The Lodge, Bellefields, Egham Wick, Surrey (1901 Census)
Egham Wick, Englefield Green, Surrey (1911 Census)
The Wick, Englefield Green. Surrey (ie. Egham Wick) (Burial 1919)

Elizabeth appears to have started a long family association with Bellefields, a large Gentleman's House at Egham Wick, Surrey (Bellefields, one of two houses, the other Sandilands). She is shown as a resident there in 1869 (Marriage Certificate) but unfortunately her occupation is not given. Presumably she was an employee of some sort, servant or child's maid etc. Elizabeth returned to Bellefields sometime between 1881 & 1891 as the caretaker (1891 Census). The occupiers of Bellefields were the Pilchers, Mr Pilcher being a Magistrate of Surrey.
Elizabeth's association with Bellefields has some tie up with her son Percy and his wife Amelia Swaby, as Ellen Pilcher was a witness to their marriage. To cross the class divide some sort of relationship must have built up with the Pilchers, or at least with Ellen Pilcher. Perhaps one of them was the childs maid or similar at some stage. Perhaps Amelia was also an employee at Bellefields and this is how she met Percy??

Later on in about the 1920's Elizabeth's grand-daughter Elsie also worked at Bellefields.

Children were:

child12 i. Percy John PARKER was born on 22 May 1870 in Winkfield, Berkshire. He died on 10 May 1911 in Bombay, India. He was buried in Sewri Cemetery, Bombay, India.

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