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John THORPE. He was from Grandborough (Granborough), Buckinghamshire.

The Thorpe family is mentioned several times in the Court Rolls of the Manor of Winslow and members (Little Horwood and Granborough). John is mentioned but it is not always clear if the reference refers to John snr or John jnr., although it is specified in a couple of instances.

He was recorded in the Archdeaconry Court of St Albans :-
f.47. 1 Nov 1639. Edward Kinnerstone of Winslow was charged on behalf of the churchwardens "for offering violence in the Church and Churchporch of Winslow unto John Thorpe of Granborow." He confessed and was warned. [Herts RO, ASA 7/32]

Sessions Book, Easter Session, 1647 - County of Buckingham.
29th April 1647.
Chief constables.
p. 8. Ashenden Hundred. John Thorpe senior of Granborowe and John Winter of Dourton vice Ralph Rice and Jeremy White.

 He died in 1654 as his will was probated in the same year as he made it.  His will transcription.

He was married to Elizabeth but I have yet to find the marriage record.


There is a gap in the children christened in Grandborough between 1620 and 1630. However there are more children as mentioned in his will who were presumably born in that gap. Two appear to have been christened in the neighbouring parish of East Claydon as indicated. One of those christenings had John residing in Hoggeston, preumably on the lands that William subsequently had there. It would seem that between 1620 and 1630 he was at least in Hoggeston and possibly elsewhere on other lands that he may have owned. The christenings for the other children have not been found, however their existance is known from their father's will :

John THORPE - Christened 23 Feb 1616 in Grandborough. Mentioned in father's will.
Richard - Christened 14 Nov 1618 in Grandborough. Mentioned in father's will.
Elizabeth - Christened 27 Aug 1620 in Grandborough. Buried 11 Feb 1635/6 in Grandborough.
Alice THORPE - Mentioned in father's will as Alice Cheshire.
Edward THORPE - Mentioned in father's will. Christened in East Claydon on the 22 Apr 1622, the son of John of Hoggeston.
Hugh THORPE - Mentioned in father's will. Christened in East Claydon on the 26 Apr 1628.
Margaret THORPE - Mentioned in father's will as Margaret Spooner.
Richard - Mentioned in father's will.
William THORPE (bur.1676)  - Mentioned in father's will.
Robert THORPE - Christened 26 Nov 1630 in Grandborough. Mentioned in father's will.
Henry THORPE - Christened 15 Mar 1632 in Grandborough. Presumably died before his father.


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