Family History


Thomas THORPE.

Christened on the 12 Oct 1663 in Hoggeston, Buckinghamshire.
Married to Mary Adams on 21 Mar 1686 in Hoggeston.
Buried on the 12 Oct 1727 in Hoggeston.

Thomas made a will - Transcript

Children were:

i.  Alice THORPE was christened on 12 Mar 1687 in Hoggeston.
ii.  Thomas THORPE was christened on 12 Feb 1688 in Hoggeston.
iii.  William THORPE was christened on 9 Mar 1690 in Hoggeston.
iv.  Joseph THORPE  was christened on 22 Apr 1698 in Hoggeston.
v. John Thorpe was christened on 5 Aug 1694 in Hoggeston.
vi.  Mary Thorpe was christened on 16 Mar 1690 in Hoggeston. In the parish register it is first recorded as Catherine but underneath is written "Mary it ought to be". She is recorded as Mary in her father's will.
vii.  Elizabeth THORPE was christened on 27 Apr 1701 in Hoggeston.
viii. Deborah THORPE was christened on 23 Jan 1705 in Hoggeston.

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