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Richard SPITTEY. No other details are known about Richard as yet except that he was of the Parish of South Fambridge, Essex, also of Hockley, Essex. He was shown as a yeoman in the Chancery case mentioned below.

Richard is mentioned in his son Henry's will :-
"I give devise and bequeath all those my ten acres of the freehold land more or less with the appurtenances thereto belonging lying and being in the Parish of Hockleigh (Hockley) in the said County of Essex which were left me by my father Richard Spittey late of Hockleigh"

Richard's will was made in 1657 and his beneficiaries are son's Jeremiah, Henry & Ambrose. These match three Spittys of the same name in Rettendon in the latter 1600's. Richard as the father of the Rettendon brother's is confirmed by a case in  Chancery between two sons Ambrose and Jeremiah. In addition the properties in KingellWood and Green Street, Hockley mentioned in Richard's will feature in 1703 as properties of Richard of Rettendon, son of Ambrose.

Richard features in the following Essex Record Office documents :- D/DB/T436/9, D/DB/T436/10, D/DB/T436/13, Q/SR293/47, D/DU 18/48, ASS/35/94?/111/3; 35/96/11/4;35/96/T7i,

To trace Richard back further is a bit of a problem, due to the profusion of Richard Spittys in the early 1600's, with two appearing to be brothers or step brothers, as one Richard names the other Richard in his will as his natural brother. Also this Richard is referred to as of South Fambridge (will), Hockleigh (son Henry's will), and Broomfield (Indentures). Four Richard Spittys died and left wills between 1633 & 1642, rather confusing issues. They were resident of Gray's Inn, London, Broomfield, and two of South Fambridge. See other Richard Spitty wills at my Spitty Genealogy website :-

Note :- The South Fambridge parish registers no longer exist for before 1754, nor Hockley before 1728.

Richard's wife was Elizabeth (as per his will). It is most likely she was Elizabeth Burr or Burre. Two items of evidence show her as the wife of Richard Spitty :-
    1. A document showing a tree of three generations from Richard to his grandson, obtained from the Pescod Collection
        (copy at ERO, original lodged at SoG, London.) (ERO T/G 192/1) :-
            "Spittey of Rettendon - D21.94b? :-
                i.Richard Spittey of Hocklee = Elizabeth da. of Burr of Bowers co Essex
                    ii. Ambrose Spittey of Rettendon 1664 = Mary
                        iii. Richard Spittey son & heir aged 19 - 1664
                                Signed  ....? Tendring for Ambros Spittey"
    2. The will of Henry Burre  in which he names his sister Elizabeth, the wife of Richard Spittie.

Children were:

childi. Henry SPITTY.
childii.   Ambrose SPITTY.
childiii.  Jeremiah SPITTY.
childiv   Susan SPITTY. Married John READ. In Richard's will, he names his daughter Susan Read, and son John Read, which he clarifies later in the will by referring to John Read as his son-in-law.
childv.  Tomesen SPITTY


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