Family History


Henry THORPE was buried on 29 Aug 1708 in Shouldham, Norfolk.(1)  His origins are not known.

The Shouldham Parish Registers are only extant from 1653. However there is a lack of any Thorpe entries from 1653 to 1668 when he was burying his first wife Margaret and their son William in January of that year. The indications are that perhaps this was about the time Henry arrived in Shouldham.

Henry's first wife was Margaret and she was buried on ? January 1668 in Shouldham.(1)
Children were :-
child i William who was buried on 12 January 1668 in Shouldham.(1)

Frances BALLYE was Henry's second wife and they were married on 2 Jul 1668 in Shouldham. (1)  Frances was buried in Jan 1702 in Shouldham.(1)  
Children were:
child i. Anna THORPE was christened on 28 Jul 1669 in Shouldham. (1)
child ii. Henry THORPE.
child iii. Mary THORPE was christened on 5 Feb 1674 in Shouldham. (1)
child iv. William THORPE was christened on 5 May 1677 in Shouldham. (1) He was buried on 19 Jun 1681 in Shouldham. (1)
child v. Frances THORPE was christened 10 ? 1679 in Shouldham. (1)
child vi. Elizabeth THORPE was christened on 18 Aug 1682 in Shouldham. (1)
child vii. John THORPE was christened on 26 Nov 1685 in Shouldham. (1) He was buried on 31 Jan 1766 in Shouldham. (1)

(1) Shouldham Parish Register.

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