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58. Thomas HAWKINS was christened on 1 Jul 1792 in Mildenhall, Wiltshire1. He died on the 6 April 1868 at Knowle Hill, Egham, Surrey4, and was buried on 10 Apr 1868 in Virginia Water, Surrey1.

His occupations have been recorded as :-
Labourer (1841 Census, daughter Ellen's Baptism 1839)
Agricultural Labourer (1851, 1861 Census)

Recorded addresses :-
Mildenhall, Wiltshire (Baptism 1792)
Chertsey Rd, Virginia Water, Surrey (1841 Census)
Virginia Water (1851, 1861 Census)
Knowle Hill, Surrey (Burial 1868)

In the 1851 census Thomas was quite clear as to his place of birth ie. Mildenhall, Wiltshire. However in the 1861 census his place of birth is shown as NK (not known), Wiltshire. This is odd unless the NK was added by the enumerator because Thomas omitted to include the detail in his census return? There is a matching baptism for a Thomas Hawkins of his age in the Mildenhall Parish Register :-
1 July 1792, Thomas son of John John HAWKINS & Mary (HARRIS), poor, labourer.

He was married to Jane, and at this stage the only likely marriage I have found is between a Thomas Hawkins & Jane Kent at Sunninghill, Berks in 18151.

59. Jane (KENT?) was born in Egham, Surrey according to the 1851 and 1861 census returns, however no matching baptism has been found. In the 1851 census she gave her age as 50 years ie born ca.1800, and in 1861 as age 65 ie born ca.1795. She died on the 24th of Sept. 1861 at Virginia Water, Egham2, and was buried on 30 Sep 1861 in Virginia Water, Surrey1.

Recorded addresses :-
Chertsey Rd, Virginia Water, Surrey (1841 Census)
Virginia Water (1851, 1861 Census, Burial 1861)

Children were:

child i. James HAWKINS was born on 25 Jan 1818 in Egham, Surrey. He was buried in 1863 in Virginia Water1.
child ii. Frances HAWKINS was born on 13 Jun 1819.
child iii. John HAWKINS was born about 1825.
child iv. Elizabeth HAWKINS was born about 1830.
child29 v. Ellen HAWKINS was born about 1832 in Virginia Water. She was baptised on 30 Jun 1839 in Egham1. A side note in the Egham Parish Register notes that Ellen was 8 years old when she was baptised1. She died on 10 Dec 1907 in Virginia Water2. She was buried on 15 Dec 1907 in Virginia Water1.
child vi. James Richard ??? HAWKINS was born on 1 Jan 1843 in Egham, Surrey.

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