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SKILDERS of Canvey Island and surrounds.

The parents of Laurence. The relationships between the persons mentioned below is not know at this stage, i.e. are brothers, cousins, uncles, fathers.

Skelder/Skilder/Schilder is a Dutch name. The Canvey Dutch came over to work on the draining and containment of the Thames and the Essex marshes particuarly around Canvey Island. To quote from the the book 'Canvey Island' by Geoff Barsby :- "In the middle ages a malarial marshland was won back from the sea by the enterprise of the Cavalier, Sir Henry Appleton, with financial and engineering backing of the Dutchman, Joas Croppenburg. Dutchmen stayed as farmers and were an important element in the first real community".

Of interest is that a farm on Canvey Island named Westwick was in the hands of Laurence Skilder's daughter Mary. This farm was originally owned by Croppenburg.

Skilders pre 1700 whose exact relatiuonships to each cannot be established at this time.

child  Laurence SKILDER.

child  George SKILDER. Possibly the same as 'Joores' or Joris which is the Dutch equivelant of George. 

3 August 1674 - Calendar of Essex Assize File [Ass 35/115/3] Assizes held at Chelmsford -
Indictment of John Bulson, Philip James Stephen Wall, Thomas Clarke and Reginald alias Reineer Peterson, all of Fobbing labourers, 26 April 26 Charles II, there about 3 a.m. broke into the house of George Skilder and stole five gold rings worth 40s., two silver bodkins worth 6s., a Charles II 20s. Piece " of guinney gold" and 20 in money, belonging to Peter Vanryninge. Plead not guilty; guilty, to be hanged except Wall, who was acquitted. Witnesses: George Skilder, Mary Amplett, John Corington, Sara Skildar, Peter Vanryninge, Thomas Browne, John Arnold. [See also Nos. 3 and 13.] [ERO - Ass 35/115/3/12] [ERO - T/A 418/178/12]

 child  Jacob SKILDER.

Session Rolls - Midsummer 1697
10 July 1697 - Recognizance of Jacob Skilder of North Benflect cordwainer, Richard Greenaway of "Seachurch" (Southchurch) and John Waltere of North Banflect yeomen; Skilder to answer John Bunover for going out of his own fishery into Dunover's and taking away several of his fish and eels. [ERO - Q/SR 493/5]

Session Rolls - Midsummer 1697
Indictments of Jacob Skilder of North Benflect shoemaker, from 1 March to 18 June, "did fish" unlawfully and without licence in "the fishing" of John Donnover called "Thorne Creeke" in the several Parishes of North Benflect, Prittlewell and Venge, and took and carried away several quantities of "eolee" worth 5 belonging to Donnover. Witnesses: Donnover, John Fassare. Confesses; fined3s.4. [ERO - Q/SR 493/74]

child  John SKILDER. Possibly also Jonas.

A church paper dated 2 Sep 1655 included amongst the signatories Jan de Schildere. [Records of the Dutch Chapel on Canvey Island and the synod preserved at the Austin Friars Dutch Church in London]

It would appear from baptisms in the Bowers Gifford Register from 1666-1679 that John's wife was Mary. A Mary Skelder was a beneficiary in the will of her brother Mathew Van Rayning in 1677. It would appear then that John Skilder married Mary Van Rayning.

John Skilder is also a beneficiary in the will of William Cherry (William Cherrie) in 1679, where John is described by Cherry as his "Master". In the burial register of Bowers Gifford in 1685, John's son Lawrence is buried with the notation "late of Bowers Hall". 

Session Rolls - Epiphany 1698
6 Oct 1697 - Recognizance of Joseph Evans of Canvey island (insula de Canvy), John Smager, John Skilder, Peter Bell and Noses Eliame; Evans to answer the overseers of South Benfleet for getting Mary Wapoole with child of a bastard. [ERO - Q/SR 495/18]

A Jonas Skilder was buried on 16 Sep 1697 in Bowers Gifford, Essex. Jonas Skilder left a will naming Catherine as his wife.

child  Joores SKILDER. Possibly the same person as George? In 1684 a Joores de Schilder was an elder of the Dutch Church on Canvey Island at the London meeting.

child  Sarah SKILDER. Possibly the wife of George as mentioned in the same Assize File in 1674 (see George above).

Session Rolls - Michaelmas 1688
19 July 1688 - Recognizance of Rich.Upton of Fobbing blacksmith and John Godfrey of "Grayes Thorock" (occupation not given); both to prosecutes Sarah Skilder widow and John Jones for stealing and carrying away "one hundred of Ostery fagetts" from the wharf of the said Upton, being Godfery's goods. Ignoramous. (see 41,80.) [ERO - Q/SR 460/6]
19 July 1688 - Recognizance of Sarah Skilder of Laindon widow, Anth.Lodwick of Fobbing and Tho. Hayes of Little Warley yeomen; Skilder to answer Upton and Godfrey (as in 6). [ERO - Q/SR 460/41]
Note - Laindon may refer to those properties on Canvey Island designated to the Parish of Laindon.

Some records I have collected. Unfortuantely the registers of Canvey Island's Dutch Church from the 1600s are lost.
25 Sep 1666 SCKELDER Susan d. John & Mary Bowers Gifford
3 Sep 1673 SKELDER George s. John & Mary Bowers Gifford
? May 1676 SKELDER Lawrence s. John & Mary Bowers Gifford
? Jan 1679 SKELDER Mary d. John & Mary Bowers Gifford
20 Dec 1695 SKELDER Martha d. George & Martha Bowers Gifford
12 Oct 1697 SKELDER Elizabeth d. George & Martha born same day Bowers Gifford
14 Apr 1700 SKELDER Mary d. George & Martha born 4 Apr Bowers Gifford
13 Nov 1702 SKELDER Saml s. George & Martha twins, bn 29 Oct Bowers Gifford
13 Nov 1702 SKELDER Sarah d. George & Martha twins, bn 29 Oct Bowers Gifford
6 Feb 1704 SKELDER Susanna d. George & Martha born 27 Jan Bowers Gifford
2 Mar 1707 SKILDER John s. George South Benfleet
7 Sep 1712 SKELDER Samuel s. George & Martha Bowers Gifford
26 Aug 1665 SKILDER Elizabeth w. Richard of Wentworth St Stepney St Dunstan
9 1666 SKELDER? inf   
21 Apr 1677 SKELDER John s. John Bowers Gifford
22 Jun 1678 SKELDER Susan d. John & Mary Bowers Gifford
6 Sep 1685 SKELDER Lawrence s.  John late of Bowers Hall Bowers Gifford
13 Jun 1685 SKELDER George s. Lawrence South Benfleet
7 Apr 1686 SKELDER Moses South Benfleet
6 Sep 1686 SKILDER Susanna d. d. Geo?/Freo? Skilder Fobbing
22 Oct 1687 SKILDER George Fobbing
19 Nov 1695 SKILDER (MOON) Sarah Fobbing
8 Nov 1696 SKELDER Martha d. George & Martha Bowers Gifford
2 Dec 1696 SKILLDER Peregrina w. of Jacob South Benfleet
30 Jan 1696/7 SKILLDER daughter Isaac/Jacob? & Elizabeth South Benfleet
16 Sep 1697 SKELDER Jonas Bowers Gifford
16 Jun 1702 SKELDER John s. John & Jane South Benfleet
17? Dec 1702 SKELDER John s. Laurence of Dunton Fobbing
1703 SKELDER Elizabeth w. of Jacob of North Benfleet South Benfleet
17 Feb 1705 SKILDER Jacob Bowers Gifford
18 May 1705 SKELDER Mary d. George Fobbing
25 Apr 1705 SKILDER Abraham child Fobbing
12 May 1706 SCKILDER Widow at North Benfleet Fobbing
12 May 1706 SKILDER Widow of North Benfleet South Benfleet
13 May 1706 SKILDER Susan widow of Fobbing Entry marked JB? Bowers Gifford
22 Oct 1710 SPITTY Ambrose Bowers Gifford
14 Mar 1724 SKELDER George Bowers Gifford
3 Jan 1728 SKELDER Widow Aveley
25 Jun 1735 SKILDER Samuel      
(Mostly from Boyd's marriage index)
Jul 1664 SKELDER Sarah Thomas Hans... South Benfleet
15 Feb 1676 SKELDER Elizabeth Thomas RHYMES Bowers Gifford both single
26 Aug 1684 SKELDER Ann (widow) John MARSEILLES (ba) St. James Dukes Place, London
1691 SKILDER Catharine John DIGBY Corringham
1694 SKELDER John Cath RIPPON Pitsea
1695 SKELDER George Martha BADCOCK Pitsea
25 Nov 1697 SKILDER Catharine - widow Thomas CATCHMAID - widow St. James Dukes Place, London of Bowers, Essex
1698 SKELDER John Jane WELLS Prittlewell
1702 SKELDER Jacob Elizabth WAKELIN North Benfleet
1705 SKILDER Sarah Joseph COOK V.G. Marr Licence
1707 SKILDER Sarah Jeremy ALLIS Fobbing
1714 SKILDER Elizabeth Thomas TARLING Grays Thurrock
1722 SKILDER Joseph Tomasin BRIDGMAN Grays Thurrock
1724 SKELDER Susan William STANNARD Foulness
1730 SKILDERE Sarah John MANNING Hadleigh
1735 SKILDER YOUNGER V.G. Marr Licence
1735 SKELDER Sarah George HADSELL Bredgar, Kent
1748 SKILDER Mary William HERWOOD Canterbury Dioc. M. Lic.

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