Family History


122. Philip CRACKNELL.

Recorded addresses :-
Fressingfield, Suffolk (1st Marriage 1777)
Dennington, Suffolk (2nd Marriage 1794)

It appears that Philip married twice. There is a burial of what appears to be Philip's 1st wife Ann in Fressingfield on the 11 Dec 1784. On both the marriages Fressingfield in 1777 & Dennington in 1794 he signed his name and the signatures appear to be the same, also he was shown as a widower on the 2nd marriage hence confirming they are most likely the one and the same.

There is burial for a Philip in Fressingfield which may well be him :-
- 22 Jan 1830 age 75 i.e. born ca. 1755.
There are also a couple of burials for an Elizabeth in Fressingfield which match the time frame to be his wife.

He was married to Elizabeth LING on 4 Feb 1794 in Dennington, Suffolk.

It is thought that Philip's parents may be Thomas & Susanna. There appears to be one Cracknell family in Fressingfield in the late 1700's. There is the burial of Susanna, "wife of Thomas", and then Thomas himself both in 1782. There are also 5 Cracknell marriages from 1777 to 1784, and as expected there were no furthe baptisms for this couple. No others, so it appears to be one family. If so it would appear Thomas & Susan(na) may have moved here from another parish after their children were born but before they attained marriagable age. There is a possible marriage in adjoining Withersdale between a Thomas Cracknell & Susan Stone in 1746.

Crackenell records in Fressingfield

27.4.1777 Philip s. Philip & Anne    
2.5.1784 James s. Philip & Anne    
24.12.1787 Thomas s. Robert & Elizabeth    
22.7.1789 James s. Robert & Elizabeth    
11.2.1791 Francis     Robert & Elizabeth    
30.4.1793 Mary d. Robert & Elizabeth    
30.4.1795 Hannah d. Robert & Elizabeth    
6.8.1797 William s. Robert & Elizabeth    
14.1.1777 Philip & Ann SPAUL    
12.10.1779 Ann & Elden SMITH    
15.10.1782 Mary & William LING    
1782? Thomas     to be re-checked    
1.11.1784 Elizabeth & George BATLEY    
abt 1786 Robert & Elizabeth BALLS    
25.1.1746 Mary            
4.12.1772 William            
22.11.1773 Ann            
14.4.1782 Susanna     wife of Thomas    
27.12.1782 Thomas            
3.7.1799 James            
18.1.1799 William            
24.11.1803 Amy     born ca. 1803    
14.11.1804 Hannah            
12.6.1807 William            
2.8.1811 Mary            
22.2.1819 Robert     aged 77 The Gentleman's Magazine, Volume 125 pg280
5.11.1824 Elizabeth     born ca. 1764    
22.1.1830 Phillip     born ca. 1755    
14.9.1831 James     born ca. 1789    
22.1.1831 Robert     born ca. 1766    
12.9.1839 Elizabeth     born ca. 1757    
29.3.1847 Francis     born ca. 1791    
29.11.1852 Rhoda     born ca. 1787    

123. Elizabeth LING.

Recorded addresses :-
Dennington (Marriage 1794)
Fressingfield ?? (possible burial - see notes below) ??

There are a couple of burials of Elizabeths in Fressingfield,  :-
- 5 Nov 1824 age 60, giving a birth ca. 1764.
- 12 Sep 1839 age 82 - however this death was reported in the death notices in the The Ipswich Journal 21 September 1839 as the widow of Robert Cracknell, gent, late of Fressingfield.
There are also a burial for a Philip in Fressingfield which matches the time frame to be her husband.

Nothing is known yet of Elizabeth's origins and ancestry. Unfortunately Ling is a common surname in the area and there are many Elizabeths among them.

Children were:

child61 i. Sarah (Sally) CRACKNELL was born on 16 May 1794 in Dennington, Suffolk. She was christened on 29 May 1794 in Dennington, Suffolk. She was buried on the 15 Mar 1867 in Euston, Sfk.  


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