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William LIDDERMORE was christened on 2 May 1784 in Euston, Suffolk1. He died on the 11 October 1863 in Euston2 and was buried on the 16 Oct 1863 in Euston1.

His occupations have been recorded as :-
Agricultural Labourer at Euston Hall (1841 Census)
Gardener (1851, 1861 Census)

Recorded addresses :-
Euston, Suffolk (Baptism 1784, Marriages 1810, 1816, 1827, Census 1841, 1851, 1861)

WARNING : There are erroneous pedigrees which confuse William Liddermore of Euston (& Barnham & Barningham) in West Suffolk with William Lizemore of Halesworth, Hopton & Bramfield in East Suffolk. See my paper on why these are two separate families.

On his marriage to Sarah (Sally) Cracknell, William was shown as a widower. However there is evidence that William had been married twice before to :

1st - Letitia (Letty) MASH/MAISH on 22 Jan 1810 in Euston1. Letitia was baptised on the 9 May 1779 in Euston1 and was buried on the 6 Jan 1811 in Euston1. She had two illigitmate children prior to her marriage to William :-
- Ann baptised 5 Nov 17971, buried 31 May 1799 in Euston1, and
- Sara baptised 6 Mar 1800 in Euston1.
The father(s) were not named and it is not known what became of Sara.

2nd - Sally FENNER widow on 2 Feb 1816 in Euston1 (William shown as a widower). Sarah Liddemore (age 49 yrs) was buried on 30 Oct 1824 in Euston1.

3rd - He was married to Sarah (Sally) CRACKNELL on 17 Feb 1827 in Euston1.

(Both wives Sally/Sarah Fenner & Sally/Sarah Cracknell seem to have used the names Sarah & its nickname of Sally variably.)

William died suddenly on the 11 Oct 1863, his inquest reported in the newspaper :-
Bury & Norwich Post - Tuesday 20th Oct 1863
EUSTON.  SUDDEN DEATH An inquest was held on Tuesday last, before G. A. Partridge, Esq., at the Fox Inn, Euston, on the body of William Liddermore, aged 81 years. Deceased was a labourer, and lived with one of his sons. On Sunday morning he went out for a walk with two of his grandchildren, but had not gone more than 60 yards from the house when he fell down suddenly. One of the children ran back and said his grandfather had fallen down and could not get up, and it was soon ascertained that he was dead. Mr. Minns, assistant to Mr. Best, surgeon, of Thetford, proved that he had made an external examination of the body, and could find no marks of violence or anything to lead him to suppose that death arose otherwise than from natural causes. Verdict, " Natural death."

Sarah (Sally) CRACKNELL was born on 16 May 1794 in Dennington, Suffolk1 and was christened on 29 May 1794 in Dennington1. She died on the tenth of March 1867 in Euston2 and was buried on the 15 Mar 1867 in Euston, Suffolk1.

Recorded addresses :-
Dennington, Suffolk (Baptism 1794)
Euston, Suffolk (Marriage 1827, Census 1841, 1851, 1861, Death Certificate 1867)

Known children of William Liddermore & Sarah Cracknell were :-

child i. James LIDDERMORE was baptised on 17 Feb 1828 in Euston1. He died on 8 Jul 1890 in Sapiston, Suffolk and was buried in Sapiston.
child ii. Mary LIDDERMORE was born in 1831 in Euston1.
child iii. John LIDDERMORE was born on 14 Sep 1834 in Euston1.

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