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Hendrick Jochemsen SCHOONMAKER was born in 1624 in Hamburg, Germany. He emigrated from Holland to the USA. He was a. Lieutenant in the military service of the Dutch East India Company.

3 Apr 1664 - Wiltwyck Magistrate - Hendrick Jochemsen [Register of New Netherland 1626-1674 - Callaghan]

He married to :-

Elsjen Jans VAN BREESTEDE ( born in The Netherlands ?? / Denmark ??)

Elsie was 1st married to Adrian Pietersen Van Alcmaer.
2nd marriage to Hendrick
3rd marriage to Cornelis Barentsen Sleght (banns Kingston 26 Sep 1684.

Elsie was in the service of Cornelis Melyn of Staten Island, who bought suit against Egbert Wouterszen, 2nd husband and guardian of Engeltje Jans (married name Van Brestede), Elsie’s mother, for damages on account of Elsie’s marriage engagement before her term of service to him had expired. At the trial, on 11 Sep 1642, Elsie testified that her mother and another woman had brought a young man to Staten Island whom she had never seen before, and desired her to marry him. She declined at first, as she did not know him and had no inclination to marry, but finally consented. She concluded her testimony by returning in court the pocket handkerchief she had received as a marriage present. On the 16th of October following, she made a declaration that she sent for Adrian Pietersen, and that on his coming to Staten Island, she accompanied him on board his yawl. A week later, Melyn and the Fiscal (legal official) had Pietersen before the Court charged with Elsie’s abduction. Pietersen was ordered to bring her into court, deliver her to Melyn, and receive her again from him on giving security for the payment of any damages that Melyn had suffered.
[New York Genealogical & Biographical Society Record, Vol.7 1876, p.117]

The following account of the above episode has me further intrigued. I have yet to check out the book for further elaboration of the social view mentioned.  

Elsie Jans Van Brestede eloped from Staten Island in a yawl with her first husband to be, Adriaen Pieterszen Van Alcmaer, which shook the New Amsterdam (New York) of its day. The story is told by Edwin R. Purple (Ibid, v.7, p117) who took it from the early Dutch records.

[From a review of the book ‘Schoonmaker Record : Certain of their Companies’ W.L.L. Peltz.]

1674 - List of the owners in the City, about the year 1674, at the final cession of the English, the property being classified according to its relative value, as first, second, third and fourth; with the national descent of the persons named - given to illustrate the condition of the population at that era - and their estimated worth :-
On the present East side of Broadway, between Beaver and Wall Streets, then known as a part of 'The Marketfield and Broadway'.
- Widow Bresteede....... Second ......... Dutch ......... [pg.322]
['History of the City of New York' by David Thomas Valentine - 1858]

Children by her 2nd marriage to Hendrick Schoonmaker were:

child i. Engletje SCHOONMAKER.


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