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Robert Edward TURNEY was born on the 9 Oct 1827, and was baptized on the 24 Aug 1828 in St. John Westminster, Middlesex1a. He died on 15 November 1900 in St. Anne, Soho, London1b.

His occupations have been variously recorded as :-
Servant (1841 Census)
Tailor (Jan 1851 daughter Elizabeth's baptism)
Porter (1851 Census)
Shopman (Son Robert's baptism 1853)
Tailor's Shopman (1861 Census)
Tailor's Cutter (Daughter Louisa's Birth Certificate 1869, wife's Death Certificate 1878)
Assistant to Tailor (1871 Census)
Tailor's Trimmer (1881 & 1891 Census, Death Certificate 1900)
Tailor (Marriage Certificates 1850 & 1881)

Recorded addresses :-
Wilton St, Westminster St John (1841 Census - with parents)
74 Regent St / 74 Regents Quadrant, Westminster St James (1851 Census & daughter Elizabeth's baptism)
38 Wilton St, Westminster St John (Marriage Certificate 1850 & 1861 Census)
2 Esher St, Westminster (Son Robert's baptism 1853)
Near St (Daughter Emma's baptism 1858)
38 Wilton St, Westminster St John (Marriage Certificate 1850 & 1861 Census)
25 Charles St, Wandsworth Rd. (Son James baptism 1864)
15 York St, Battersea (1865 - address of wife as informant on mother-in-law Anna Spitty (nee Slater) death certificate)
101 Princes Rd, Lambeth (1869 Daughter Louisa's Birth Certificate)
20 Thomas St, Lambeth (1871 Census)
82 Vauxhall Walk, Lambeth (1877 sons Alfred & James - Admission register St Mary the Less School, Lambeth)
99 Elsted St (1881 Census & Marriage Certificate 1881)
13 Compton St, St. Anne Soho (1891 Census)
4 St. Annes Court, Soho, London (1900 - Death Certificate)

He was married to Elizabeth Mary Malt SPITTY on 6 Mar 1850 in St. John, Westminster3.

After the death of his first wife Elizabeth, Robert married Emily Constance GREGORY on the 11 July 1881 in Newington, London4. She claimed to be Emily Constance DEWIS, 25 years old (actually 29), a seamstress and the widow of George Budden GREGORY who were married on 26 May 1874 St. Giles Cripplegate, London and had 3 children Nellie (1875), George (1877) & Sydney (1878).
Emily's records were not easy to find as she was in fact illegitimate :-
1852 Birth - Emily Constance Stone - [Registration 1852 Mar Q, London C. - 1c 71].
1858 Mother's marriage - 19 Apr 1858 at St. Luke Middlesex - Joseph Dewis, bach, weaver & Caroline Stone, spinster.
1860 Emily's baptism - 6 July 1860 at Hoxton St. John - Emily Constance Stone, born 1 Jan 1852, dau. of Joseph Stone, deceased labourer, and Caroline Stone.
 - This a very interesting entry with Emily being baptised aged 8. It would appear that Caroline's mother wanted her to be baptised with her original name of Stone, but not to be seen as illegitimate so she added a fictitious husband, who just happened to have the same first name as her husband.
1861 census - Joseph Dewis, weaver with wife Caroline, and daughter Emily aged 9 born City of London (note matches birth regn. & baptism dates.)
1871 census - Caroline a widow in Shoreditch, a dressmaker. Emily I cannot find.

In the 1891 census Emily stated that she was 36 (born ca. 1855 but was actually born in 1852 and was 39), and born in Doctor's Common. On her marriage certificate to Robert she wrongly named her father as Joseph DEWIS deceased, occupation Designer, most likely so as to not admit being illegitimate. They appear to have at least one child, Edith Emily, baptised on 20 Mar 1885 at Walworth St. John. No record of Edith after this has been found. After Robert's death it appears Emily reverted to her previous married name of Gregory, as this is how she is recorded in the 1901 & 1911 censuses. What this means is unknown, was the 2nd marriage an unhappy one? Or was it because she was living with her son from her first marriage? She died in 1920 and was buried on 14 Oct 1920 in the St Pancras Cemetery (Camden) under her correct surname of Turney.

His 1st wife Elizabeth Mary Malt SPITTY was born on the 21 Apr 18261c and was baptised on the 10 Sep 1826 at St. Margaret Westminster1c. She died on 8 April 1878 in Lambeth, Surrey2.

Her occupation was recorded as :-
National School Mistress (Marriage Certificate 1850)

Recorded addresses :-
Wilton St, Westminster St John (1841 Census - with parents)
74 Regent St, Westminster St James (1851 Census)
38 Wilton St, Westminster St John (Marriage Certificate 1850 & 1861 Census)
15 York St, Battersea (1865 - address of on mother's death certificate as informant)
101 Princes Rd, Lambeth (1869 - Daughter Louisa's Birth Certificate)
82 Vauxhall Walk, Lambeth, London (Death Certificate 1878)

Elizabeth's death certificate incorrectly records her husband's name as Robert William instead of the correct Robert Edward. As Elizabeth's set of Christian names "Elizabeth Mary Malt" is distinctive there is no doubt that Robert Edward is her husband's correct name as elsewhere recorded eg. marriage certificate etc.
Children were:

child i. Elizabeth TURNEY was born on 10 Dec 1850 in Westminster St James, London and baptised on the 5 Jan 1851 at Westminster St. John1a. She married Reuben McKay, a Poulterer in 1871.
child ii. Robert William TURNEY was born on 10 Mar 1853, and baptised on 10 Apr in Westminster St. John, London1a. He was an India Rubber Worker.
child iii. Eleanor Anne TURNEY was born on 24 June 1855, and baptised on 15 July 1855 at Westminster St. John1a. It is probable that the Ellen in the 1861 census is in fact Eleanor.
child iv. Emma TURNEY was born on 16 Feb 1858 and baptised on 14 Mar at Westminster St. John1a. She married William (Bill) Henry McKay in 1882.
child v. Ann Maria TURNEY was born on 13 Sep 1860 in Lambeth, Surrey and was baptised on 14 Oct 1860 at Westminster St. John1a.
child vi. James Miles TURNEY was born on 2 Apr 1864 in Battersea, Surrey and baptised on 8 May 1864 at Westminster St. John1a.
child vii. Alfred Edward TURNEY was born on 14 Aug 1866 in Battersea, Surrey and baptised 19 Nov 1866 at Westminster St. John1a.
child viii. Louisa TURNEY was born on 24 Jun 1869 in Lambeth, Surrey5 and was baptised on 1 Aug 1869 at Westminster St. John1a. She died on 20 Aug 1928 in Newington, London. She was buried on 23 Aug 1928 in Nunhead Cemetery.
child ix. Alice Maud TURNEY was born on 22 Jan 1872 in Kennington, Surrey, and was baptised on the 10 Mar 1872 at Westminster St. John1a.
child x. William TURNEY was born 1855 ??.
There is a William registered 1855 at Westminster in the Birth records (Certificate not obtained as yet). Family lore has a William in the family, however none has been found in the censuses to date. But in the 1881 census there is a William Tierney age 26 in a boarding house and one of the other lodgers is a Benjn Culverwell, and William's sister Ellen married a Henry Culverwell. If William was born in 1855 then there is the question of why he is missing from the baptisms and the family group in the 1861 census?

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