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14. William CHAPMAN (photo) was born on 13 Oct 1866 in Knowle Hill, Egham, Surrey2. He was christened on 18 Nov 1866 in Virginia Water, Surrey1. He died on 22 Jan 1945 in Virginia Water3.

His occupations have been recorded as :-
Gamekeeper's Boy (1881 Census)
Gamekeeper (1891 Census, Marriage Certificate 1895)
Night Watchman (1901 & 1911 Census, Daughter Louisa's writings)
Gardener (Domestic) (Death Certificate 1945)

Recorded addresses :-
Knowle Hill, Egham (Birth Certificate 1866, Census 1871, 1881)
Hawthorn Cottage, Knowle Hill (1891 Census)
Callow Hill, Egham, Surrey (daughter Louisa's Birth Certificate, 1901 Census)
Bagshot Lodge, Wentworth, Virginia Water (1911 Census)
*Keeper's Cottage, Hollow Lane
Crown Cottages, Kings Rd, New Windsor, Berkshire (Marriage Certificate 1895)
*Bagshot Lodge, Wentworth Estate, Virginia Water, Surrey (1903/4)
1 Tortosa Cottages, Trumps Green Rd, Virginia Water (Death Certificate 1945)

* = from daughter Louisa's notes.

(See Louisa's notes on her father William here.)

William lived and worked for quite some time at Wentworth Estate, home of Countess de Morella. The Estate is now the well known Wentworth Golf Club.

He was married to Sarah LIDDAMORE on 26 Feb 1895 in Windsor, Berkshire7.

15. Sarah LIDDAMORE (photo) was born on 3 Oct 1859 in Euston, Suffolk4 and baptised on the 1 Jan 18601. She died on 25 Aug 1953 in Virginia Water5.

Sarah's first marriage was to George Jennings NEWNHAM on 24 Dec 1891 at Fulham, London6. George was a railway porter of Ryde, Isle of Wight. However it was only a short association of 3 months as he died suddenly of an attack of influenza8.

See notes written by her daughter Louisa.

Her occupations have been recorded as :-
Housekeeper (1881 Census)
In service (Bible presented by "The Female Servant's Home Society" 1884)
Nurse :-
- (Employment letter July 1890 - St. George's Hospital, Hyde Park, Corner, London)
- (Staff Records 22 Nov 1890 - 23 Dec 1891 - Cane Hill Asylum, Purley, Surrey)
- London County Lunatic Asylum, Coulsdon, Surrey (1891 census)
- (2nd Marriage Certifcate 1895)
- (Employment memo 1893 - Holloway Sanitorium, Virginia Water, Surrey)
[See Documents & letters]

Recorded addresses :-
Euston, Suffolk (Birth Certificate 1859)
Heath Cottage, Euston (1861 Census)
The Dukes Ride, Barnham, Suffolk (1871 Census)
93 New Holkham, Holkham, Norfolk (1881 Census)
London (1883/84 Bible as above, St. George's Hospital 1890, also*)
London County Lunatic Asylum, Coulsdon (1891 census)
Cosham, near Portsmouth*
22 Mendora Rd, London (1st Marriage Certificate 1891)
Ryde, Isle of Wight (1st marriage Dec 1891 for 3 months)
St Anns Heath, Virginia Water, Surrey (2nd Marriage Certificate 1895)
Callow Hill, Egham, Surrey (1900 Daughter Louisa's Birth Certificate, 1901 Census)
*Keeper's Cottage, Hollow Lane
*Bagshot Lodge, Wentworth Estate, Virginia Water, Surrey (1903/4)
1 Tortosa Cottages, Trumps Green Rd, Virginia Water (Husband's Death Certificate 1945)

Children were:

child i. William CHAPMAN was born in 1896 in England.
child ii. Dorothy CHAPMAN was born in 1898 in England.
child7 iii. Louisa CHAPMAN was born on 7 Feb 1900 in Callow Hill, Egham, Surrey. She was christened on 1 Apr 1900 in Virginia Water, Surrey. She died on 16 Jan 1998 in Brockworth, Gloucester, England.
child iv. Harry CHAPMAN died as a child.

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