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106. John BUCKINGHAM was born about 1762. He was buried on 16 Jun 1829 in Oving, Bucks.

His occupation has been recorded as :-
Labourer (Posse Comitatus 1798)

Recorded addresses :-
Oving, Bucks (Marriages 1778 & 1813, Posse Comitatus 1798, Burial 1829)

John's ancestry is uncertain. There are baptism's in Stoke Hammond for persons with the same names as this couple and it would normally seem that they were both from there. However the date of the baptism there of John Buckingham in 1766 would make John as young as 12 when he was married. Given that he may have been a late baptism he may have been older but the earliest he could have been born would have been 23.7.1762 making him no older than 15yrs upon marriage. This is because he was the second child named John baptised to the same parents and the first was not buried until 23.7.1762.

Why the Stoke Hammond ancestry is of consideration despite the ages is :-
- John & Sarah were from outside of Oving and the coincidence that there are possible matching baptisms in Stoke Hammond a Parish some 7 miles away.
- there is no other likely baptism for John on the IGI and Buckinghamshire is well covered, however it is not 100% so he may still be from an un-extracted Bucks Parish.
- they had an illigitimate child 6 months prior to marriage.

If they were as young as the Stoke Hammond baptisms suggest then they could have run away, particuarly if Sarah was pregnant.

He was married to Sarah HEDGES on 7 Apr 1778 in Oving, Bucks.

107. Sarah HEDGES was buried on 1 May 1806 in Oving, Bucks. She was christened 26 Jul 1761 ?? in Stoke Hammond, Bucks ??.

Sarah's baptismal details are only a possibility at this stage. See comments on John Buckingham.

Children were:

child i. Elizabeth BUCKINGHAM was christened on 26 Oct 1777 in Oving, Bucks.
child ii. Ann BUCKINGHAM was christened on 12 Dec 1779 in Oving, Bucks.
child iii. Sarah BUCKINGHAM was christened on 12 Feb 1786 in Oving, Bucks. She was buried on 28 Dec 1790 in Oving, Bucks.
child iv. Mary BUCKINGHAM was christened on 2 Nov 1788 in Oving, Bucks.
child v. Sarah BUCKINGHAM was christened on 8 May 1791 in Oving, Bucks.
child53 vi. Catherine BUCKINGHAM.
child vii. Maria BUCKINGHAM was christened on 30 Jul 1797 in Oving, Bucks. She was buried on 11 Mar 1802 in Oving, Bucks.
child viii. John BUCKINGHAM was christened on 31 Aug 1800 in Oving, Bucks.

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