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4. Edwin Thomas GALBREATH was born on 19 Feb 1893 in Newington, London1. He died on 2 Jan 1968 in Bournemouth, England4.

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His occupations have been recorded as :-
Druggist's Laboratory Assistant (1901 Census)
Druggist's Assistant (Marriage 1920)
Omnibus Driver (Death Certificate 1968)

Recorded addresses :-
2 Paragon Row, Newington, London (Birth Certificate 1893)
54 Darwin Buildings (Barlow St - since demolished), Walworth (sister Maud's baptism 11 Aug 1895 at Newington St Matthew)
Larcom St, Walworth (Father's ppearance at Marlborough St Court in Oct 1896)
1 Peardon St, Clapham, London (1901 Census)
90 Credon Road, St George, Camberwell (brother Frank's baptism on 18 Sep 1901)
4 Imperial Buildings, Verney Rd, Camberwell, London (1911 Census)
5 Tissington St, Rotherhithe New Road, London (WW1 Protection Certificate 1919)
88 Galleywell Rd, Bermondsey, London (Marriage Certificate 1920)
155 Ilderton Rd, North Deptford (South Bermondsey) (1921 son's birth)
304 Reigate Rd, Downham, Sth. London
49 Grangemill Rd, Bellingham, London (WWII National Identity Card 1943)
73 Ballamore Rd, Downham, Sth. London (Letter 1946)
40Watcombe Rd, Southbourne, Bournemouth (ditto 1946, Death Certificate 1968)

World War 1 : he served from 6.12.1915 to the 11.11.1918 as a signaller / rifleman in the 17th London Regt (No. 572775) in Mesopotamia. He was captured by the enemy and was held as a Prisoner of War until repatriated. See his service page.

He was married to Alice May EDWARDS on 2 Aug 1920 in United Methodist Church, Bermondsey, Sry3.

5. Alice May EDWARDS (photo) was born on 26 May 1892 in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire2 and baptised on 29 June 1892 in the Primitive Methodist Chapel at Leighton Buzzard. She died on 20 Jun 1965 in Lewisham, London5.

Recorded addresses :-
Ashwell St, Leighton Buzzard (Birth Certificate 1892)
Note :- Her parents were resident in London at that time as far as is known, indicated by Abraham consistently being a (Billingsgate) fish porter from at least 1881 to 1892 (1881 & 1891 Censuses, Marriage Certificate & Alice's Birth Certificate). It would appear that Alice was born at her grandmother's (Mary A. Keys) house (refer 1891 census). The address for her parents nearest to Alice's birth was the 1891 census as follows :-
28 Paragon Buildings, Newington, London (1891 census)
Other recorded addresses :-
88 Galleywall Rd, Bermondsey, London (Baptismal Certificate 1892, Census 1901 & 1911, Marriage Certificate 1920)
155 Ilderton Rd, North Deptford (South Bermondsey) (1921 son's birth)
73 Ballamore Rd, Downham, Sth. London (Letter 1946)
49 Grangemill Rd, Lewisham, London (Death Certificate 1965)

Children were:

child i. Ron
child ii. Marjorie

Sources :-
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