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John Stites Administration & Sale of his estate

Know all men by these presents that Mr Abm. Stites and Saml. Shepard are held and bound unto the commonwealth Kentucky in the sum of two thousand dollars curent  money (of Kentucky?) the payment when of will and truly to be made to the commonwealth of Kentucky the payment whereof will and to be made we bind ourselves our heirs executors and administrators and severally by these presents sealed and dated this 6 January year of our Lord 1812.

The condition of the above obligation is such that if he the said Abram. administrator of the goods chattels and credits of John Stites do make a true and perfect inventory of all and singular the goods chattels and credits of the said decd. which have as shall come to the possession or knowledge of him the said Abm. Stites as to the hands or possession of any other person or persons for him and the same do exhibit unto the County Court of Scott where he shall there be required by the said Court and such goods chattels and credits will and truly administer according to law and further do make just and true account of his actings and doings therein when thereunto (required?) by the said Court and all the rest of the said goods chattels and which shall be found remaining upon the account of the said the same being first examined and allowed by the Justice of the said for the time being shall deliver and pay unto such persons as are entitled to the same by law and if it shall hereafter appear that last Will and Testament was made by the deceased and the same Court and the executors obtain a certificate of probate thereof Abm. Stites do in such case being required render and deliver administration this his obligation to be void else to remain
Acknowledged in open Court.

Scott County Court House Will Books Vol B? # 111, pg. 432 & 433

Inventory and appraisment of the personal estate of John Stites.

Book accounts and notes estimated at 100.00
? drugs instruments & shop furniture est. at 300.00
Chest of drawers and book case 25.00
Side board 25.00
Dining table and ends 21.00
Breakfast table 3.00
Double barrel gun 5.00
? and irons 3.00
1 dozen ? chairs
1 pr small brass candlestick
Rushes? work? 5 ?
Bills ? 7
? work 6

John Stites Sale of his estate.
Scott County, Kentucky Will Book Vols A-B, 1796 1817
A list of names as under who stand indebted to adam (sic) Stites decd. For property bought at public sale Feby 24 1812.
Mr Abm Stites - 
old tools 4.00
pot 3.25
? & lid 2.25
2 axes & a hatchet 1.25
sythe & cradle 3.121/2
an umbrella 1.00
razors &c 2.121/2
saddle bags valice & desk
Old family bible 1.62
7 odd vol books 9.121/2
cloth brush 0.371/2
Tea chest and spoon 2.62
1 pair and irons 6.00
1 sit
1 tea kettle 4.00
hogs? 14.00
1 pied cow
1 calf
1 bridle
1 blk heifer 4.00
Andrew Robinson Gridiron
Mrs Ann Stites Table furniture
Thomas Fisher Concadance book
James Suggitt Doct Gills
Wm H Richardson Prestleys Elict
Darwin Phylophy
Lees? Botany
Jonathan Robinson Saddle
two hymm books 1.371/2
Stites Coffee Mill 0.75
Wolf 1 pair crap & sticks 2.00
Mr Stites 1 carpet 4.00
1 castor 13.00
large looking glass 10.25
1 gig & harness 81.00
side board 50.00
Oldham 1 blind horse 5.75
? one bay mare 26.00
Snell 1 breakfast table 3.25
R.M. Gano one gold watch
6 window chains
6 window chains
1 settee
1 Portmanteau trunk
1 sugar desk 5.75
1 desk & bookcase 28.50
1 bed & furniture 26.00
1 red cow 8.25
Mrs Ann Stites 1 ? Mare 21.00
1 ha? Colt 3.00
window curtians 4.00
Abram Stites old chest 2.00
 $ 546.41
Certify the above to be a true account of sales - G.W. Miller acting clerk
Amount of the sales of the residue of the personal estate of John Stites made March 30 1812 by John R. Ireland and William Shipard as clerk.
Articles purchased by Abram Stites or for his own use.
Gun 5.50
Scales & weights 2.00
Cakes 10.10
Phials 0.55
do 0.55
do 0.25
Bottle spirits laudnum 1.00
do of cochaniel 1.00
agr white bottle 1.00
do 1.00
do 1.00
do 1.00
Family apartment of medicines 2.50
sugar desk 6.00
silver tumblas 4.00
tankard 12.00
teapot 6.00
stand 6.00
cup 6.00
Mrs Ann Stites Spoons 3.00
Ladle 4.00
Coffee pot 15.00
Pinsatory 1.00
Total $23.00
R.M. Gano Machinary 5.00
do 0.70
Apartment of Medicine No.1 12.00
35 lb sulphur at 11 cts to lb no.2 3.85
Chrystal tartar 24lb at 20cts 4.80
Salt peta 38lb at 20cts p lb 7.60
Apartment of Medicine No.3 9.00
Apartment of Medicine No.4 10.00
Apartment of Medicine No.5 13.00
Black bottle spirits sallum 0.25
Elix of vitrial 0.25
Elix of Spice 0.25
Elix balsam of sulphur 0.25
Elix salval 0.29
Elix Balsam Peru 0.55
5 black bottles 0.651/2
1 black bottle 0.25
1 bottle hubbon? 0.25
1 bottle arsenic 0.25
1 bottle arsenic 0.59
2 phials drugs 0.121/2
7 small vials medicines 0.16
1 bottle Ethorps? Mineral 0.21
2 bottles 0.21
1 bottle tinctum cantharddus 0.71
red precipitate 1.30
white bottle 1.00
white bottle 1.00
white bottle 5.00
Total $90.58
Dr. Todd small can T? 1.25
2 pan scales and set weights 1.00
4lb myrrh at 25cts lb 1.00
5 3/4 lb of aloes at 25cts p lb 1.43
3 3/4 lb cammile at 27cts p lb 0.91
6lbs antimony at 20cts p lb 1.20
Apartment of medicine no.2 11.871/2
Black bottle burgamot 2.50
Black bottle oil ammins? 1.50
oil of amber 1.121/2
1 bottle salts of tartar 1.371/2
1 white bottle sacra tinctun 0.621/2
1 large flint bottle tartar 1.50
2 white do 1.00
1 bottle tinctun apofitida 0.90
1 bottle elix vitrial 0.75
1 bottle 0.75
1 large bottle spimacte 2.621/2
1 bottle oil spice 0.60
1 large white bottle 1.50
do 1 large white bottle 1.50
1 large bottle with s? camphor 2.00
1 bottle sinibar 1.50
1 bottle tinctun myrah 0.55
1 large white bottle 0.75
do 1.00
1 bottle salts wormwood 0.88
do 0.55
1 bottle gum amber 1.00
1 bottle containing some barks 0.75
1 bottle jullop 1.08
1 bottle gum myrrh 1.00
1 bottle restorative tinctun 1.79
1 large white bottle 1.00
do 1.00
do 1.00
1 smaller bottle 1.00
do 1.00
1 box glauber salts p lb 10lbs 4.60
1 bottle fl?
1bottle blue vitrial
1 bottle white vitrial
1 phial lunar costic
Total $
Mr Richardson 5 Lancets
4 Lancets 1.00
Benhaves? Aperesus? 1.00
7 lethridge 1.00
1 bottle balsam capivia 1.00
Total $5.00
Mr Griffin 4 Lancets 1.00
catharte 1.00
Scales &c 1.00
Instruments of midwifery 10.00
2 Lancets 1.00
2 Lancets 1.00
Pocket case surgeons instruments 6.00
2 vols Smillies Midwifery 4.00
2 vols Hunter on the blood 2.00
5 vols Rushes works 4.00
7 vols Bells surgery 10.00
3lb 13oz of apaefiteda 2.00
Total $42.00
Dr Kane Swans Lydenham "
Black bottle salts of tartar "
Black bottle precipit 1.00
1 case of drawers 4.00
1 bottle with some supplement "
Total $7.00
C.L. Black Case of drawers 6.00
1 white bottle oil juniper 1.00
Total $9.00
Cash Account
C.L. Black ?hapitals chemistry 2.00
W.H. Richardson bill on venerial 2.00
Joel Scott 1 dozen phials 2.00
? 1 bottle british oil 2.00
Mr Griffin 1 bottle cund? Mercury 3.00
do Santal rub 3.00
Total $
Scott County Sct
John B. Ireland being sworn saith as crier at the above mentioned sale and that the foregoing account therof to the above mentioned sale and therof is given in by the crier to the best belief sworn to before me the 6 day of - John Branham J Peace
Scott County Sct - May Court 1814
The foregoing account of sales of the personal estate of John Stites was this day returned to Court by the administrator of said estate and ordered to be attest - Cary L. Clark C.S.C.C

(The following paragraph was proceeded by some further accounts however not enough of the names etc. could be deciphered to make it worthwhile transcribing.)

Having examined the foregoing accounts and vouched ? that these appears to be a balance due from Abm Stites ? the sum of $43.361/4 and haved alotted to Ann Stites the widow by her consent one third of the rents and profits of the estate as her dower thereon.
March 26th 1814
A. Buford, John Motley, F. ? Ford

Notes :- re. Stites mistranscribed as Stiles
- The grant of Administration to Abraham Stites and Samuel Shepard clearly shows Abraham's surname as Stites, as does the inventory, and the examination of accounts dated 26 March 1814. However the sale list generally records the name incorrectly as Stiles, although at times it appears to be written as Stites in the list of items. The Scott County Wills Index also incorrectly records him as John Stiles. However the grant of Administration, inventory and examination of accounts all in the name of Stites, and the fact that John Stite's son was Abraham, confirms John Stites as the subject of this Administration and of the sale of effects. As such I have transcribed the name as Stites in all cases.
- Missing sales prices and what appears to be incorrect adding are as per the will book.

 Acknowledgments to :-
1. Scott County Courthouse
2. Church of Latter Day Saints :-
    - Scott County Kentucky :-
       - film #183195 Wills Index  Vols A-U, 1796-1914.
       - film #183196 Wills Book Vols A-B, 1796-1817
       - film #1876542 Wills Book Vols A-D (another filming)

Nancy also found the following in the Scott Co., KY courthouse records:

Book B, page 350, 1818... "On motion of Ann Stites, --- of John Stites, decd, that Elijah Craig, J. J. Johnson, and Matthew Henry be appointed being first sworn to allot and ---- her dower of the estate of her dead husband and make report to court."

page 355 - "On motion of Abram Stites, administrator of John Stites, decd, William Warren, Benjamin B. Ford, Thomas C. Buckner, and Matthew W. Henry or any of them be appointed to settle with him on the admship of the estate of the said decd."

page 337 - "At a court continued and held at courthouse in Georgetown on Tuesday, 3rd of May, 1814 a settlement with Abraham Stites as Adm. of John Stites, deceased, return by the Adm ordered to be recorded."

page 341 - Motion of Abram Stites, adm. of estate of John Stites, deceased, it be ordered that Benjamin B. Lord, William Warren,, Thomas H. Herndon and James Grant and James W. Hawkins or any of them be appointed as commissioners to make a further - - with him as adm. of said estate."

Acknowledgements to Nancy & Bill Hustler for the above 3 items.



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