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New York Gazette - 30 Apr 1770

Spermacaeti Candles of the best quality, Warranted genuine by the makers; likewise a large assortment of Irish linens, from 2s.3d. to 7s.6d. per yard; a variety of broad cloths, mens and womans cotton and worsted hose, a variety of callicoes and printed linens, table and clouting diapers, bohea tea, a good assortment of other goods to be sold on the lowest terms for cash.
By Stites and Brasher.

New York Gazette - 21 Jan 1771

Whereas the co-partnership of Stites and Brasher, will be dissolved the first of February next; all those who are indebted to said partnership, are desired to make speedy payment; and those that have any demands on the same, are requested to bring in their accounts that they may be settled.
Said Stites and Brasher, have a universal assortment of dry goods, well laid in, which they will sell at about prime cost, for ready cash.

New York Journal - 23 May 1771

John Stites, Takes this method to inform his friends and the Public in general, that he has removed from the house where Stites and Brasher formerly kept their shop, next door to Mr. Peter Vande Voort, at the sign of the Scale Beam, where he has for sale, a neat assortment of the most fashionable silks, and other goods, which he will sell on the most reasonable terms.

Rivington's New York Gazetteer - 12 May 1774

A very elegant assortment of both oval and square, of various sizes, and Scotch carpets and carpeting, to be sold very low, by

New York Journal - 13 Jul 1775

we the subscribers, sensible of the advantages derived from the trade of the colony of Connecticut, and desirous of giving their bills of credit, a currency equal to those of the other neighbouring provinces, do promise and oblige ourselves to receive the same in all payments whatsoever.
New York July 10, 1775.
(thereon appears a long list of names including the following).
John Stites,
(and his daughter Cornelia's future father-in-law)
Thomas Galbreath.

New York Gazette - 29 Apr 1776

JOHN STITES requests all persons indebted to him, to make immediate payment to himself at Elizabeth-town, or to Stockholm and Dixon, next door to where he kept his store in New-York, as all accounts that remain unsettled the first of May, will be given to an attorney to collect.

New York Gazette - 23 Jun 1777

John Stites, Informs the public, he has removed to the house formerly occupied by Garrat Rapalje, fronting the Fly-market, where he has for sale, a neat assortment of silks, thread and blond laces, gentlemans Dresden ruffles, china, chinzes, superfine broad cloths and rattinets, fine and course 7-8th and yard wide Irish linens, oznabrigs, felt hats, 4d. 6d. 10d. 20d. and 24d. nails, chocolate, hyson tea, French brandy in anchors, West-India rum by the hoghead, old Madira wine by the pipe or quarter case, &c.

New York Gazette - 15 Dec 1777

Barbados Rum
A quantity of the best Barbados RUM, to be sold by JOHN STITES : Esquire for him at Capt. Hervey's, in Smith-Street, next door to Mr. Debloys's.

New Jersey Gazette - 16 Dec 1778

New Jersey, Essex County,
At an Inferior court of Common Please held for the county of Essex, on the 15th day of September last, were returned inquisitions for joining the army of the King of Great Britain, and other treasonable practices found against ...... (amongst a list of names)..  John Stites, jun............ of which proclamation was made at said Court, that if they, or any on their behalf, or any persons interested, would appear and traverse, a trial should be awarded; but no traverses were offered : Therefore NOTICE is hereby given, That if neither they, nor any in their behalf, nor any interested, shall appear and traverse at the next Court to be held for the said county, the inquisitions will then be taken to be true, and final judgment entered thereon in favour of the state.
John Clawson, Commissioner. Elizabeth town, Nov 14, 1778.

New Jersey Gazette - 19 May 1779

New-Jersey, Essex county, fs. 
At an Inferior Court of Common Pleas held in and for said county, on the nineteenth day of April last, were returned inquisitions for joining the army of the king of Great-Britain, and other treasonable practices found against John Stites, jun. Isaac Mills, George Marshall, John Lee, jun. Francis Frazee, jun. Ichabod Oliver, John Slone, Robert Gault, Oliver Delancey, Thomas Bradbury Chandler, Cornelius Hetfield, jun. John Acley and John Marsh, of which proclamation was made in said court, that if they, or any in their behalf, or any person who thought himself interested, should appear and traverse the same, a trial should be awarded, but no traverses were offered : Therefore notice is hereby given, that if neither they, or any in their behalf, nor any interested, shall appear at the next court to be held in said county, and traverse the same, the said inquisitions will be taken to be true, and final judgment entered thereon, in favour of the State.
John Clawson, Daniel Marsh } Commissioners. Elizabeth-Town, May 10th, 1779.
[N.B. An identical advert appeared some 6 months earlier on the 16 Dec 1778]

New York Gazette

The co-partnership of Stites and Thorn, was dissolved the 1st of May inst. All persons that have any demands on said partnership, are desired to call and receive payment, and those indebted are requested to discharge the same speedily, as they wish to close their accounts as soon as possible.

New Jersey Gazette - 28 July 1779

New-Jersey, Essex county, fs. 
Whereas inquisitions have been found and final judgment entered in favour of the State against the following fugitives and offenders, viz. Isaac Mills, John Stites, jun. George Marshall, Francis Frazee, jun. Ichabod Oliver, Thomas Bradbury Chandler, John Slone, Robert Gault, Joseph Marsh,  John Acley, Cornelius Hetfield, jun. Oliver Delancey, John Lee, jun. in the county of Essex, and William Dumayn in the County of Morris : NOTICE is hereby given that all the real estate that lately belonged to the above-named fugitives, within the bounds of Elizabeth-town, will be sold at public vendue on Monday the 16th day of August next, at the house of Samuel Smith, innkeeper, in Elizabeth-town aforesaid, or on the premises; also that part of the estate late the property of Cavilear Jewitt, that was sold to a certain Nathaniel Hubbell, unless the said Hubbell appears and pays the purchase money for the same before the day of sale; the vendue to begin at ten o'clock on said day, and continued by adjournments till the whole be sold. Particular descriptions and attendance will be given at the time and place of sale by
John Clawson, Daniel Marsh } Commissioners. Elizabeth-Town, July 6, 1779.

Royal Gazette (New York) - 5 Feb 1780

And entered upon the first day of May next
A large convenient dwelling house, three stories high, facing the Fly-Market; also the houses in the rear of the lot, all which are in the possession of Mr. John Stites. It being one of the most noted and best stands for business, nothing more need be said of the premises. For particulars, enquire of John Rapalje, esq., Brooklyn, who will give an indisputable title.

New York Gazette - 22 May 1780

Richard Townsend, who formerly lived at the north side of Hempstead Plains, is now removed to the house lately occupied by Mr. John Stites, opposite the Fly-Market, where he keeps a general assortment of Dry Goods, which he will sell cheap, wholesale and retail. Also rum, sugar, molasses, wine, brandy, &c. &c.

New York Gazette - 22 May 1780

David Flynn, begs leave to inform his acquaintance that he has moved from Water Street, to the house lately occupied by Mr. John Stites, at the Fly-Market

Royal Gazette (New York) - 31 May 1780

The partnership of Stites and Field dissolved the first of May inst. All persons indebted to said Partnership, are requested to settle their accounts as speedily as possible with John Stites, No. 15, Queen-street, next door to the corner of the Fly Market; who has the remaining stock of groceries on hand, which he will sell low on cash, viz.
Old Madeira, Teneriffe and Lisbon. Wines in Pipes or Quarter Casks. Old Spirits and Rum by the Hhd, Hyson, Souchong, and Bohea Teas, Loaf Sugar, Spices, Mustard, Castile Soap, and Candles, by the Box, &c. &c.
With a reasonable assortment of dry goods as usual.

Royal Gazette (New York) - 8 Nov 1780

Whereas a Trunk containing patterns for suits of cloth, pieces of Linen, silk and thread Stockings, Handkerchiefs and sundry little articles were shipped on board the Hannah, Capt. Watson, lately arrived with the fleet from London, by Messrs. Birchback and Blake, Brokers in London, and consigned to order, which said trunk was marked with the letters C C, and whereas the said trunk was in the course of last week taken by a Carman from on board the sail ship Hannah, then lying at Watson's wharf, and conveyed by mistake to some merchant in this city : Any person being in possession of the above described Trunk, and will give information thereof to Mr. John Stites No. 15, Queen Street, will be thankfully acknowledged.

Royal American Gazette - 24 July 1781

Marriages - Mr. Andrew Mitchell, Merchant, to Miss Stites daughter of Mr. John Stites, Merchant.

New Jersey Gazette - 24 May 1784

These are to give Notice,
To all those that have demands against the estates of the following persons, fugitives and offenders against the state of New-Jersey, to lay such demand or demands, or other voucher, before such persons as are appointed to ascertain the value of such demands, agreeably to the directions of the act, intitled, 'An act for ascertaining the value of debts due from the estates of certain fugitives and offenders, and for directing the payment of the same,' passed at Trenton the 23rd day of December, 1783. ....(amongst a list of names)...John Stites, jun....
Notice is hereby given to all persons that are indebted to any of the above-mentioned persons, and have not paid the same to some or more of the commissioners of the county of Essex, to make immediate payment to the subscriber, or they may depend on being prosecuted as the law directs, both as to fine and for the amount of what may be due.
Samuel Hayes, Agent for the County of Essex.  April 26, 1784.

New York Morning Post - 1 Jun 1784

John Stites, has removed his store to No. 178, Queen Street, where he is now operating an assortment of goods, which he will sell cheap for cash. He has just received in the Vigilant and Brothers, from London, an assortment of hair brooms and brushes, a variety of paints, Brass furniture for cabinet makers, and a variety of other articles.

New York Packet and the American Advertiser - 24 Jun 1784

JOHN STITES, No. 178, Queen Street,

Has received by the last vessels from London and Bristol, a large assortment of Ironmongry and cutlery, which he will sell, wholesale at the lowest prices, for Cash, Bank Bills, Morris's Notes, New York New Emisson Bills, and Depreciation Certificates, and all kinds of Country Produce, Viz.
Spades and shovels, nails from 4d. to 24d, Knives and forks, penknives, cutteaux and scissors, a large assortment; mill, pitt, crosseur, tenant, turning, sash and hand saws, files, brass and leather inkpots, locks, screws and hinges, a great variety, brass candlesticks, sash fastners, cabinet makers and upholsterers brass furniture, carpenters, coopers, blacksmiths and shoemakers tools, with a variety of Dry Goods as usual.

Independent Journal (New York) - 26 June 1784

TO BE LET And immediate possession given.
A very convenient STORE, situated in Queen-Street, nearly opposite Burling Slip, next door to Messrs. Lyde and Rogers. For particulars enquire of JOHN STITES, No. 178 Queen-Street.

New York Packet - 25 Nov 1784

John Stites, at his store, No. 178, Queen Street, and No. 23 and 27, William Street,
Hath received by the last vessels from England, a great variety of Birmingham and Sheffield goods, from the manufacturers, (with whom he has formed such connections, as to enable him to sell at their prices) viz. Jewellery, plated and japanned goods, brass and saddlers furniture, carpenters, masons, shoemakers, and blacksmiths tools fowling pieces, pocket and horse pistols, ..... (obliterated)... mounted, a few sets of plated, coach, phaeton, and chaise harness, elastic and pistol saddles, &c, and assortment of ironmongery and cutlery, London pewter, copper tea kettles, &c. likewise an assortment of dry goods as usual. He has to dispose of a quantity of large oak and pine square timber, fit for shipping.

The Political Intelligencer and New Jersey Advertiser - 25 May 1785

On Tuesday the 31st of this instant, if not disposed of before,
On the Premises for ready cash only,
That extraordinary well known farm, at the property of John Stites, Esq; deceased, for which will be given an indisputable title, lying within five miles of the Landing at Elizabeth Town, and from four of that at Rahway, and on the public road from both those places to Morris Town. Containing nearly 300 acres of excellent tillage, wood and mowing lands, well proportioned; with Rahway River running through it, and otherwise well watered in every part : There are on it a large orchard, farm house, barn and garden, with a choice well of water which never fails. The whole in good repair.
New York, May 10, 1785.

Daily Advertiser - 14 Oct 1785

Married - Mr. David Galbreath, of this city Merchant, to the amiable Miss Cornelia Stites, Daughter to Mr. John Stites, also of this city.

Independent Journal (New York) - 11 Feb 1786.

The house, No. 231, Queen-Street, at present in the possession of J. M'Lean, and Co. For terms apply to Mr. John Stites, Merchant, Queen-Street.

2 June 1787 - Independent Journal (New York) - Issue 366, pg4.

The house No. 180, corner of Queen and Beekman Streets, one of the best stands for business in this City, is 25 feet in front in Queen-street, and 100 feet deep along Beekman-Street.
A lot in Beekman-Street, adjoining the above, and on which a Store House and Stable now stands; which is 25 feet front, in Beekman-Street, and 75 feet deep.
Both the above will be sold together or separate - For price, and other particulars, apply to Mr. David Galbreath, Merchant, No. 224 Queen-Street.

Note : This property can be identified from deeds as being owned by John Stites, David Galbreath’s father-in-law. David obviously being the selling agent. The purchase & sale by John Stites are recorded in New York Conveyances - Deeds Books 41 pgs 133 & Book 45 pgs, 321 & 433.

New Jersey Journal - 27 Apr 1791

On Monday the 2d May, at 1 o'clock, at the plantation late of John Stites, esq, deceased, in Connecticut Farms, will be sold, a valuable stock of cattle, consisting of five yoke oxen, an number of milch-cows and young cattle, a good horse, three carts, a waggon, sleds, and a variety of farming implements - The conditions will be made known at the day of sale, by JOHN STITES
Who has for sale, a valuable NEGRO WOMAN, of about 23 years of age, who understands all kinds of country work, and a healthy strong woman with a male child of five years old, a female child of four years old, and a male child of 6 years, she is for sale on account of breeding too fast. Elizabeth-Town, April 26, 1791.

New Jersey Journal - 19 Oct 1791

List of letters remaining in the Post Office at Elizabeth-Town, October 10, 1791.
(amongst others)... John Stites....

Dunlap's American Daily Advertiser (Philadelphia) - 24 Jun 1793

Married, a few days since, Mr. Archibald M'Lean, Printer and Publisher of the New-York Daily Gazette, to Miss Mary Stites, daughter of John Stites, Esq. of Elizabeth-Town.

New Jersey Journal - 24 Feb 1796

For Sale at Public Vendue.
On Thursday the 25th Feb. inst. at 12 o'clock, at the house of the subscriber, will begin the sale of all the stock on hand of store goods, and some household and farming utensils; at which place and time conditions will be made known, by JOHN STITES. Elizabeth Town, Feb 16, 1796.

New Jersey Journal - 9 Mar 1796

That valuable FERRY-HOUSE, farm, stables, and out-buildings, at Elizabeth Point, where Col. Crane now lives. _ It being so well known for its valuable situation, as a public house, it needs no recommendation. Possession will be given the first day of April. - For terms apply to Gozen Ryers, Esquire, on Staten-Island, or John Stites, at Elizabeth-Town. None need apply but persons of approved character.
March 9, 1796.

New Jersey Journal - 25 Jan 1797

Wanted Immediately,
A person who can be well recommended, to take care of the Grist-Mill, in the neighbourhood of Elizabeth-Town. - For further particulars, apply to Dr. John Stites, of Prospect Point.  January 24, 1797.

The Minerva & Mercantile Evening Advertiser (New York) - 26 July 1797

Are hereby informed that the Bond and Mortgage given by John Stites to Jonas Stanbery, were given on a covenant that hath not been complied with on the part of the said Jonas, and will shortly be legally terminated.
July 4, '97.  JOHN STITES
Whereas, John Stites, of the State of New Jersey, merchant, being indebted to the subscriber, Jonas Stanbery, by bond bearing date the twenty eighth day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety-six, in the penal sum of five thousand six hundred dollars, conditioned for the payment of two thousand eight hundred dollars, with interest in manner and at the time therein mentioned, the said John Stites did, by Indenture, bearing date the same day and year aforesaid, to secure the payment thereof, mortgage to the said Jonas Stanbery, all that certain lot of ground and premises, situate, lying and being within the city of New York in the third ward of the said city, on the north side of Pearl street, bounded west by the house and ground of Joseph Totten, on the north by the ground of Jacob Price or his assigns, east by the house and ground of John Burling, and south by Pearl street aforesaid - containing in breadth in front and rear, twenty five feet, and in length on each side one hundred feet, which said lot of ground distinguished in a chart or draft of the land of William Beekman, Esq. deceased, by lot no. 12; together with all and singular the kitchens, buildings, ways, passages, yards, gardens, waters, privileges, hereditaments and appurtenances whatsoever to the same belonging or in any way appertaining (subject however to a mortgage in favor of Thomas Gardner, for six hundred pounds, with the interest from the twenty fifth day of November 1795) - and whereas the condition of te said bond not having been performed, NOTICE is therefore hereby given to all whom it may concern, that by virtue of a power contained in the said mortgage and pursuant to the act in such case made and provided, the said above described premises will be sold (subject to the aforesaid incumbrance) at the Tontine Coffee House in the city of New York, on the first day of January next at twelve o'clock in the forenoon of that day.
Dated this 21st day of June 1797.

New York Gazette - 2 Sep 1797

To Let, and possession given immediately, two new three story houses in Front Street between ..ore Steet and Whitehall slip, well calculated for lodging houses, stores or taverns, completely ...ed for that purpose, having 13 bed rooms on the upper floor. For further particulars, enquire Gozen Ryerss on Staten Island, John Stites at Respect Point, near Eliz Town, or Elias Haines, Moore Street, N. York.  July 4.

New Jersey Journal - 4 Sep 1798

Strayed from the subscriber, about 5 weeks since,
A handsome brown yearlingColt - with grey hairs in his mane and tail - Whoever will return said Colt, or give information where he may be had again, shall be generously rewarded for their trouble.
John Stites, Elizabeth Town Point, Sept 3, 1798.

New Jersey Journal - 7 May 1799

Stolen or Strayed,
With a light mixture of grey, and a white blaze in his face, about fifteen hands and a half high, .... much saddle marked; was missed the 6th of April. Whoever will deliver the said Horse to the subscriber, or discover where he may be found, shall receive a handsome reward and all reasonable charges.
JOHN STITES.  Elizabeth-Town Point, May 6, 1799.

New Jersey Journal - 11 June 1799

A Handsome bay Horse, rising six years old, and about fifteen hands high : also four other horses, viz. two bay colts, not more than four years old, and about fourteen hands and a half high; a sorrell horse 9 years of age, upwards of fifteen hands high, and an old sorrel mare, together with an excellent pair of working oxen rising five years old. The above are for sale by : 
JOHN STITES.  Elizabeth-Town Point, May 24, 1799.

New Jersey Journal - 9 July 1799

By virtue of a certain mortgage from Mr. John Stites of Elizabeth Town, to the subscriber, bearing date the 1st day of April 1796, for securing payment of his bond of same date, for three thousand two hundred and fifty pounds, with lawfull interest; in which said mortgage there is a special power and authority given to me, to make sale of the mortgaged premises at public vendue, and to make a title therefor, in case default should happen to be made in payment of all or any part of the money with the interest, which said default has happened - I shall therefore expose to sale, at public vendue, on Monday the 15th day of July inst. at the house of Joseph Crane, innkeeper, at Eliz Town Point, the right and title ..? the said John Stites to one equal undivided moiety of the farm and ferry boats, commonly called and known by the name of Crane's or the New-Point ferry, in the borough of Elizabeth, containing about ninety acres. - Also, one equal and undivided half part of three pieces of upland and salt meadow, including the point or ferry commonly called and known by the name of De Hart's point or ferry, near the said farm - And also, one equal undivided half part of a lot of land, formerly owned by Arent Schuyler, (excepting and reserving thereout such parts or proportion as had been before sold to Lawrence, Dayton and Co.) being the premises contained in the said mortgage. At which time and place the articles of the vendue will be made known.
Gozen Ryers.  July 8, 1799.

New Jersey Journal - 5 Oct 1802

To be Sold at Public Auction,
On Tuesday the twelfth day of October next, between the hours of three and five in the afternoon, at the Court House in Elizabeth Town, in the County of Essex and state of New Jersey, a certain tract of LAND estimated to contain four thousand acres being the third quarter of the second township in the seventeenth range of the tract appropriated for satisfying warrants for military services; which land was formerly granted to John Stites, by letters patent under the hand and seal of John Adams, President of the U. States, bearing date the seventh day of May 1800, in pursuance of the acts of Congress for that purpose passed; which said tract of land was surveyed and located in pursuance of said acts.
Matthias Williamson.   Eliz. Town, Sept 27, 1802.

Kentucky Gazette - 27 Sep 1803

The public are cautioned, that the tract of land offered for sale in the State of Ohio, by John Postlethwait, being the 2nd quarter of the 6th township, 18th range, that JOHN STITES has an equitable claim on it, which will be pursued.
Franklin, 20th September 1803.

New Jersey Journal - 5 June 1804

Elizabeth Town, August 29, 1803.
In Chancery of New Jersey. 
May 8, 1804.
John De Hart, Esq. complainant, against John Stites, defendant } On bill to foreclose, &c.
The complainant in this cause having filed his bill of complaint against the defendant, and subpoena to appear having issued thereon, and it sufficiently appearing to the Court by affidavit, that the said defendant has removed, and resides out of the state, and that process of subpoena cannot be served on him. It is therefore ordered by the Chancellor, on motion of William Chetwood, of counsel with the complainant, that the said defendant cause his appearance to be entered in this cause on or before the first day of September term next, or that the complainant's bill be taken pro confess, to the end that a decree for a sale of the said mortgaged premises, or such part thereof, as the Court may think proper to direct, may be made in the said cause, pursuant to the statute of N. Jersey in such case made and provided.
Joseph Bloomfield, Chancellor.
I certify the aforesaid to be a true copy of a rule entered said in cause.
James Linn, Clerk.

New Jersey Journal - 9 Oct 1804

A list of Letters remaining in the Post-Office, Elizabeth-Town, (N.J.) Sept 31, 1804.
........... (list included)  ............ Dr. Stites, [2] Elizabeth-Town; ............ 

New Jersey Journal - 21 Jan 1812

Elizabeth-Town, January 12, 1812.
In Kentucky, Dr. John Stites, a gentleman of high respectability, and formerly of this town - also his son, Mr. John Stites.

New York Journal

The house and lot of ground where the subscriber now resides, pleasantly situated on the public road from Elizabeth Town to Westfield, and half a mile from Elizabeth. The property consists of six acres of land, excepting what the buildings stands on, in a high state of cultivation; the greater part in meadow lots; one lot in corn; a plentiful kitchen garden; a convenient two story house, with a wing at each end, forming a front of 80 feet with a handsome court yard, and piazza front and rear; barn, stable, coach house, a large framed building, and other necessary out buildings; a cistern at each end of the house, and an excellent well of water, with a pump, at the kitchen door; a small orchard of excellent apples and other fruit trees, with a quantity of gooseberry, currant and raspberry bushes. It joins the property of Christopher Roberts, esq. and was formerly the residence of Dr. John Stites. It is presumed no person will purchase without viewing the property. Apply to Dr. John Chetwood, or on the premises to John Hastier. Elizabeth-Town, May 22, 1815.



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