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Stites - Bible records, 1678-1974, and transcript.

Manuscript collection (16 leaves) held at the Ripley County Historical Museum, Versailles, Indiana.

Includes Baylor, Hallawell and related families. Henry and Richard Stites immigrated from England to Long Island, New York about 1678. Descendants to 1974 lived in New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Indiana and elsewhere.

Subjects: Stites, Baylor, Hallawell

Included in the above collection was the following manuscript :-

Stites Family Genealogy from the Reign of King Charles the 2nd 1678

Henry & Richard Stites was born in Derbyshire England and during the reign of Charles the 2nd they emigrated to America about the year 1678 and settled on Long Island in New York Government. Richard had five sons and two daughters (viz)
Henry John Richard Elijah & Benjamin & Margaret & Mary.
Henry & Benjamin came to Cape May New Jersey. Henry had five sons & two daughters (viz)
Henry Richard Joshua John & Isaac Mary & Martha
& Benjamin Stites married Elizabeth Freeman and had three sons & two daughters (viz)
George Benjamin and Jonathan Deborah & Martha.
George Stites married Esther Foster (daughter of Samuel Foster) and had six sons (viz)
William on the 21st June 1730
George on the 12th of May 1734(?)
Thomas on the 17th March 1735
Nathaniel on the 1st odf March 1739
Adonigah on the 22nd of June 1741
Daniel on the 27th Nov 1745.
Benjamin Stites married Rhoda Church
Jonathan Stites married Massa Crawford
Deborah Stites married Joseph Page
Martha Stites married Jeremiah Ludham?
George Stites married Hannah ? on the 2nd day of October 1755 and had six children (viz)
Edith Stites was born Dec 25th 1765
Joshua Stites was born Feb 8th 1770
Abagail Stites was born 1772
Caleb Stites born Nov 22nd 1774
George Stites was born July 22nd 1762
Roxanna Stites was born Dec 25th 1765

The original was written in one continuous dialogue. I have added line breaks to make it more readable.

Source :- LDS Microfilm of original documents, film # 1312803

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