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Bible of Johannes Stites


Names and births of the children of William Stites of Long Island 

John Stites was born 5th May 1705; died April 1st, 1782
Rebecca Stites was born 6th Jan 1707
Hezekiah Stites was born  4th Jan 1709
Richard Stites was born Nov 12th 1715
William Stites was born Dec 2nd 1719
Sarah Stites was born Nov 9th, 1715 (Note this is out of order and inconsistent with Richard's birth on the 12 Nov 1715 - possibly wrong year?)
Elijah Stites was born July 7th 1721
Benjamin Stites was born Feb 9th 1725
The names and births of the children of John Stites by his first wife 
Mary Stites was born Sep 31st 1728
Hezekiah Stites was born 2nd Apr 1730
Abigail Stites was born 15th Nov 1734
The names and births of the children of John & Margaret his 2d wifeby his second wife
Sarah Stites was born June 22nd 1737
Margaret Stites was born 16th Oct 1740
John Stites was born 25th Apr 1743
Abigail Stites was born Jun 25th 1747
Richard Stites was born 8th Nov1747, died 26th Sep 1776
Chloe Stites was born 8th Jan 1749
Richard Stites, son of Richard Stites, was born 26th Mar 1777
Margaret Stites, second wife of John Stites, died 16th Sep 1784

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John Stites was born 25th April 1743
Susannah Brasher was born July 8th 1739
Was married January 16th 1764

Bible of Johannes Stites in the possession of Andrew Trotter and with his kind permission.

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