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Thomas Galbreath - Petition of 1775

Petitions of Merchants of New York

To the Honorable the Provincial Congress of New York.
The Memorial of sundry persons within the City of New York, sheweth :
   That a difference of opinion hath arisen in this City with respect to the propriety of shipping Flax Seed to Ireland from this Colony, - some suggesting that it was not the intent of the Continental Congress, that any should be shipped and others insisting that the contrary appears, not only from the resolutions of the Continental Congress - but from the Declaration of several of the Delegates upon that subject.
   The Memorialists are apprehensive that should Flax Seed be shipp'd while this difference of sentiment prevails it might create some uneasiness in this City, and being informed that some of the Continental Delegates have signified to this Congress, that the sense of the late Continental Congress respecting this matter, was that we were left at liberty to ship Flax seed.
   The Memorialists beg that the Congress will by some act of publication of theirs declare whether the People of this Colony are or are not at liberty to ship Flax Seed, as aforesaid, and also satisfy the public of the sense of the Continental Congress, on that subject if such sense has been communicated to this Congress, as before suggested.
Thos Galbreath, Danl Phenix, Wm Nielson, Peter Clopper, Mott & Benne, Fredk Rhinelander, Thomas Pearsall, John Franklin, Murray, Sansom & Co., Comfort Sands, Joshua T. De St Croix, Jacob Watson, Edward & William Laight, Templeton J. Stewart.
   August 12, 1775

Source - New York Revolutionary Papers - Vol. 1 - Petitions - 31 : 136.

The New York State Library hold the Provisional Congress Petitions, however only Volumes 32 & 33 are extant. Vol. 31 was destroyed in the State Capitol Fire of 1911.



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