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Dr. John Stites - property dealings

Ca. 1791-3
"Cutting ........ soon after sold the township to Dr. John Stites, of Elizabeth, N.J., and Anthony LAMB, of New York, the latter of whom sold the last of his lands on the east hill some ten years ago. Messrs. Stites and Lamb obviated the objectionable feature with regard to rents, but advanced the price of lands to twenty shillings per acre. This was a grievous disappointment to the occupants of the lands, who expected to purchase them for three shillings per acre. Many on learning that efforts were being made to make them lease lands became discouraged and threatened to leave the lands and abandon their improvements; but Dr. Stiles (sic) came on and pacified them by making the above offer on long time. All the first settlers were poor, and many required a long time to lift the burden of indebtedness."
(Note - Smith incorrectly referred to him as John Stiles however other refs to this transaction record him as Stites).

The History of Chenango County' by James H. Smith (1880)

about 1791 or '2
Matthew GRAVES, Hatfield Mass,
Martin TAYLOR, Mass,
Colonel William MONROE, Windsor, Conn
Leonard M CUTTING of New York bought the township when it was up for sale. He tried to lease the lands and opposition so violent and great he finally sold township to Dr. John STITES of Elizabeth, N.J., and Anthony LAMB, of New York who finally sold to settlers.



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