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John Stites - property dealings

Mortgage - New York.

Mortgage Book 7, pg 344

Registered for and at the request of Mr. Thomas Gardner this 25th day of November 1795 

Memorandum that in the twenty fifth day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety five John Stites of the County of Essex and State of New Jersey Esquire did mortgage to Thomas Gardner of the City and State of New York Gentleman, all that certain messuage  or dwelling house lot of ground and premises situate lying and being within the City of New York in the third Ward of the said City, and
on the North side of a certain Street called Pearl Street (late Queen Street)
bounded West by the house and ground of Joseph Totten (Sotten?)
North by the ground of Jacob Price or his assigns
East by the house and ground of John Burling
and South by Pearl Street foresaid
containing in breadth in font and rear at each end twenty five feet and in length on each side one hundred feet
which lot of ground is distinguished in a Chart or Draft of the land late of William Beekman Esquire deceased by Lot number 12 

Together with all and singular &c. provided always that if the said party of the first part his heirs executors or administrators shall well and truly pay unto the said party of the second part his heirs executors administrators or assigns the sum of six hundred pounds current lawful money of the State of New York with the interest due and to grow due thereon in current lawful money as aforesaid, on or before the twenty fifth day of November next ensuing, according to the condition of a certain Bond in the said Mortgage recited then the said Mortgage to be void, which Mortgage was provided by the acknowledgment thereof by the said John Stites before John Ray Master in Chancery the twenty fifth day of November 1795.

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