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Dr. John Stites

Deed – Secretary of State, New York.

Deed Book 20, pgs 504

To all to whom these presents shall come or may in any wise concern 

We Archibald McKean, William & Thomas Ash, Joshua Jones, John Cramond, James Montaudevert, Thomas Clark & Co., William & Ambrose Sadlier, Alexr Campbell, William Maxwell, John Delafield, John Taylor, John Arthur, William, Vanderlocht, Hay Stevenson & Co., Francis Brice, Robert Bowne & John Parkinson, Saltonstall & Mumford, Michael Mudge, Hercule Mulligan, Richard Sharpe, Brothers Coster & Co., Herring & Jones, James Scott & Co., Timothy Wood, Coll McGregor, Lee & Ferguson, Christian Bachr, Isaac Moses & Co., Thomas Sanders, Bradford & McEwin, Thomas Wilson & Co., Daniel Bowie, Scriba Schroppel & Starman, Richard Dunning, Johnston & Ogden, Abijah Hammond, Captain Leyburn, Ludlow & Goold, Carliffe Pollock, Simon Schermerhorn, Robert Bruce, John Brower, George Colles, Dunlap & Vanvostrant, William Livingston, Peter Schermerhorn, John Lamb, John Wilkes, William Thomas, Edmund Seaman, John Stites, Abraham Lott and William Sheddon
All of New York in North America,

Messr’s Merryman and Sluby of Baltimore in the State of Maryland, Henry Palmer, James Phillips Wilson of the Island of Grenada, Messrs Sathewarth & Penny of the Island of St. Kitts, Patrick Wilson, John Discomp of the Island of St. Martins, and Adam Lightbody & Co., Walker Graham, Hill & Monteith, William Henry & Co., John McArthur, Andrew McKinzie, Andrew Wilson, James Campbell, James Hill, and John Shadden of Great Britain Send greeting 

Whereas Robert Wilson of the said City of New York Merchant stands indebted to us his creditors in divers sums of money which at present by reason of bad debts losses and disappointments in trade he is unable to pay and discharge 

And the said Robert Wilson having assigned over all his goods wares merchandizes monies chattels vessels furniture and effects together with all such debts dues credits and demands of what nature or kind soever which are due owing payable or belonging to him the said Robert Wilson (as specified in a schedule annexed to the said assignment) unto Mr. William Shadden of the House of Shadden Patrick & Co., Isaac Gouveneur Junior of the House of Curson & Gouverneur and Mr. Robert Bowne all of the said City of New York Merchants, whom we the said creditors have and do hereby also further appoint as trustees for the general benefit of such of the said creditors as shall sign seal and execute this composition in proportion to our several and respective demands In consideration whereof we the said creditors have agreed to give him a full discharge for and on account of our several and respective demands 

Now therefore know ye that we the said creditors for and in consideration of the premises, and also of the further sum of five shillings lawful money of the State of New York to us in hand paid by the said Robert Wilson at and before the ensealing and delivery of these presents receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged have remised, released or exonerated and forever discharged and by these presents do remise release exonerate and forever discharge the said Robert Wilson his heirs executors and administrators of and from all and every debt due duty or demand which we or either of us have or may or can have respectively against the said Robert Wilson for any debt contract or demand whatever now due or demand which we or either of us have or may or can have respectively against the said Robert Wilson for any debt contract or demand whatever now due owing or payable to us respectively, so that we nor either of us our nor either heirs executors or administrators shall have any claim challenge or demand against him the said Robert Wilson his heirs or assigns for or on account of the same But that he and they forever hereafter shall stand and remain acquitted exonerated and forever discharged of and from all and all manner of suits or action for or on account of any debt due or demand whatsoever now due owing or payable to us respectively 

Provided that nevertheless that if it shall at anytime hereafter appear that the said Robert Wilson has or may commit any fraud or embezzlement relative to his said goods chattels and effects assigned or meant or intended to be assigned with intent to defraud us his creditors of our just demands Then and in such case the foregoing discharge to be void and of no force 

And we our executors, administrators or assigns will be left to pursue our several and respective remedies in Law or Equity for the recovery of our several demands the same as if the present instrument had not been executed anything herein contained to the contrary thereof or in any wise not withstanding 

In witness whereof we have hereunto respectively set our hands and seal the twenty first day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty five The words ‘Messrs. Merryman and Sluby of Baltimore in the State of Maryland’ being first interlined between the eighteenth and nineteenth lines of the first page
William Shedden (LS), Bohl Bohlen for Brothers Coster & Co. (LS), William Vander Locht (LS), Saltonstall & Mumford (LS), Thomas Sanders (LS), Robt. Bowne (LS), George Scriba for himself & firm Scriba Schroppel & Starman (LS), Timothy Wood (LS), Coll McGregor (LS), Archd McKean (LS), Daniel Bowie (LS), William Ash & Co (LS), Andrew Lee & Co. (LS), Robert & Peter Bruce (LS), John Wilkes (LS), Carlile Pollock (LS), Cornelius Bradford & McEuen (LS), Jno Delafield (LS), Joshua Jones (LS), Richd Sharpe (LS), Hay Stevenson & Co. (LS), J. Montaudevert (LS), John Stites (LS), Wm &J Ambrs Sadlier (LS), Isaac Gouverneur Sr. Attie to Patrick Wilson of St. Martins (LS), Herring & Jones (LS), James Scott & Co. Attys for Abner & Ben. Newton (LS), Thos Clark & Co. (LS), John Byrne (LS), John Lamb (LS), Wm Maxwell (LS), Wm Livingston (LS), H. Mulligan (LS), John Brower (LS), Thomas Wilson & Co. (LS), Edmd Seaman (LS), James Hill by Robt Bowne his Attorney (LS), A. Hammnod (LS), Ludlow & Goold for Margaret Livingston (LS), Johnston & Ogden (LS), Coll McGregor Attorney for Neil Jamison & John Shadden (LS), H & J Thompson Attorney for Wm Parvin (LS), Dan Ludlow Alexander Hamilton Nichs Low assignees of Isaac Moses Company (LS), Shedden Patrick & Co. for John Merryman of Baltimore (LS), Thompson & Reid (LS), John Parkinson (LS), Dunlap J. Van Nostrant (LS), John Arthur (LS), Benjm Lightbourn (LS), Abm P. Lott (LS), Peter Schermerhorn (LS), John Lightbody & Sons James Campbell (LS), Walter Graham (LS), John McArthur (LS), Hill & Monteith by Thomas Buchanan & Co. their Attorneys (LS),

Sealed and delivered in the presence of us  John Hunter, Dunbar Sloan, Edw. Poole. 

Witness to the execution by Alexander Hamilton, L.M. Cutting City of New York 

Be it remembered that on the eighth day of December on the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty six personally came and appeared before me John Ray Esquire one of the Master in the Chancery Edward Poole of the said City Gentleman who being duly deputed and sworn made oath and saith that the several names William Shedden, Bohn Bohlen for Brothers Coster & Co., William van der Locht, Saltonstall & Mumford, Thomas Sanders, Robt Bowne, George Scriba for himself and Scriba Schroppel & Starman, Timothy Wood, Coll McGregor, Daniel Bowie, William Ash, Andrew Lee & Co., Robert & Peter Bruce, John Wilkes, Cornelius Bradford & McEuen, Jno Delafield, Joshua Jones, Hay Stevenson & Co., J. Montaudevert, Isaac Gouveneur Sr. Attie to Patrick Wilson of St. Martins, Herring & Jones, James Scott & Co. Atty for Abner & Ben Newton, Thos Clark & Co., John Lamb, Wm Maxwell, Wm Livingston, H. Mulligan, John Brower, Thomas Willson & CO., Edmd Seaman, James Hill by Robt Bowne his Attorney, A. Hammond, Ludlow & Goold for Margaret Livingston, Johnson & Ogden, Coll McGregor Attorney for Neil Jamison & John Shedden, H & J Thompson Attorney for Wm Parver, Danl Ludlow Alexander Hamilton Nichs Low Assignees of Isaac Moses & Company, Shedden Patrick & Co. for John Merryman Baltimore, John Parkinson, Dunlap & van Nostrant, John Arthur, Benj.Lightbourne, Abrm P. Lott, John Lightbody & Sons, James Campbell, Walter Graham, John McArthur, Hill & Monteith by Thomas Buchanan & Co. their Attorney in the within instrument of paper of writing hereunto annexed and subscribed was severally and respectively acknowledged and delivered by te said William Shedden, Bohl Bohlen, William vander Locht, Gilbert Saltonstall, Thomas Sanders, Robert Bowne, George Scriba, Timothy Wood, Collin McGregor, Daniel Bowrie, William Ash, Andrew Lee, Robert Bruce, John Wilkes, Cornelius Bradford, John Delafield, Joshua Jones, Hay Stevenson, John Montardevert, Isaac Gouveneur senior, Nicholas Herring, james Scott, Thomas Clark, John Lamb, William Maxwell, William S Livingston, hercule Mulligan, John Brower, Thomas Wilson, Edward Seaman, Archibald Hammond, Daniel Ludlow, Samuel Johnston, John Thompson, Alexander Hamilton, Nicholas Low, John Parkinson, Dunlap and Van Nostrant, John Arthur, Benjamin Lightbourne, Abraham P. Lott, and Thomas Buchanan in the presence of the deponent as and from their several and respective voluntary acts and deeds to and for the uses and purposes in the said paper writing mentioned and expressed and I having examined the same and finding no material erasure or interlineations except as therein mentioned do allow the same to be recorded.
John Ray  M. Chy 

The aforegoing instrument was recorded at the request of Edward Poole and is a true copy of the original (in the 1st line thereof page 504, “in any” and in the 16th  line of page 505, “and respective” are severally written on razures and at line 4 page 504 the letter “G”, line 11 page 506 “Attys”, line 13 the letter “S” line 2 between sons and James “LS” and line 22 “LS” is four times interlined) Examined and compared with the said original this 9th day of December 1786
By me Robt Harpur   Dsecry.

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