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John Stites - property dealings

Mortgage - Essex County, New Jersey.

Mortgage Book E, pg 18

John Stites
Gozen Ryerss 

“one equal undivided half part of all the several premises and tracts of land herein after mentioned and described viz. 

one equal undivided moiety of the farm and ferry boats commonly called and known by the name of Crane’s or the New Point Ferry being in the Borough of Elizabeth Town and containing about ninety acres of land be the same more or less 

Also one equal and undivided half part of three pieces of upland and salt meadow which are situated near to the aforesaid premises and the road leading thereto from Elizabeth Town and in part the Old Point Farm and the Sound, including, the Point of Ferry commonly called and known by the name of De Harts Point 

And also one equal and undivided half part of a lot of land formerly owned by Arent Shuyler excepting and reserving thereout such parts or proportion as have been heretofore sold Lawrence Dayton & Co. 

which said premises with all and singular the equal undivided moiety of the appurtenances thereto belonging are mortgaged by John Stites of the Borough of Elizabeth and State of New jersey gentleman to Gozen Ryerss of the County of Richmond and State of New York Esquire to secure the payment of three thousand two hundred and fifty pounds New York currency agreeably to the condition of a certain bond or obligation bearing even date herewith 

was proven before Jeremiah Ballard Esq. April 30th 1798 was received in the Office April 30th 1798 and recorded May 1st 1798
Aaron Ogden Clerk 

(Notation along the side of the above record)
Be it remembered that on the nineteenth day of April AD eighteen hundred and thirty three the original mortgage here registered was produced in this Office by Elias B.D. Ogden the same being duly paid off satisfied cancelled and made void.
E. McAirdale? Clk

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