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John Stites - property dealings

Mortgage - Essex County, New Jersey.

Mortgage Book D, pg 380

John Stites
John Stevens

“all the share right title interest part and proportion of John Stevens deceased of the lands and appurtenances situate at Elizabeth Town Point in the Borough of Elizabeth and State of New Jersey divided and allotted by Silus Condict Samuel Hays and Joseph De Camp Commissioners appointed to divide the same agreeably to an Act of the Legislature of the State of New of the State of New Jersey for the more easy partition of land, the map and field book of which division and allotment us duly filed and recorded in the Clerk’s Office of the County of Essex af’d reference to the said map and field book being had will more fully appear” –

which said premises with their appurtenances are mortgaged by John Stites of the Borough of Elizabeth County of Essex and State of New Jersey to John Stevens of the County of Bergen and State of New Jersey to secure the payment of eleven hundred and ninety six pounds New York currency agreeably to the condition of a certain bond or obligation bearing even date herewith 

said mortgage is dated November 2nd 1796 was acknowledged before John Chetwood Esq. August 30th 1797 was received in the Office August 30th 1797 and recorded September 1st 1797.

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