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Dr. John Stites - property dealings

Deed - Franklin County Courthouse, Columbus, Ohio, (Delaware County)

Deed Book A, pg 92

John Stites
Agreement with
Haden Edwards

Article of agreement entered into this seventeenth day of May 1803 between Doctor John Stites of Franklin County and State of Kentucky Attorney to Aaron Ogden of the one part and Haden Edwards of the County and State aforesaid on the other part 

Witnesseth that the said Haden Edwards hath this day sold to the said John Stites the Mill dwelling house and lands whereon the said Edwards now resides lying on South Elkhorn about one mile from the fork of Elkhorn and being the same described in a deed from Edwards to Peyton Short and from Short to John Instone and from John Instone to said Edwards binding himself to make a deed of general warrantee to said property as soon as he can make an arrangement with Short and Instone to release the mortgages upon said property and at any rate to free it from all incumbrances by the time limited in the mortgage to which end the said Edwards agrees to secure the said Stites not only in the property belonging to said Edwards in the hands of Peyton Short but also in a part of the property said Edwards gets in exchange for said Mills and land? the possession of the Mills to be given up upon the selling and delivery hereof but the house and crops to be reserved to said Edwards until Christmas if required and upon the said Doctor John Stites as Attorney aforesaid on his part doth agree to convey to the said Haden by deed of general warranty two tracts of land in the military range lying between the Scioto and Muskingum rivers called the donation lands each tract containing four thousand acres lying and being on Allum Creek a branch of the Scioto and designated in the map of said lands as follows
Range seventeen township two and quarter township three
four thousand acres also
Range eighteen township six quarter township two
four thousand acres for the true performance of which each of the parties do bind themselves in the penal sum of thirty thousand dollars

In testimony whereof each of the parties have hereunto subscribed their names and affixed their seals the day and date above written. Inserted before the delivery between 1st and 2nd lines “Attorney aforesaid”.
Haden Edwards (seal), Aaron Ogden by his Attorney John Stites (seal)
Test. James McGuity, Wm Hubble

State of Ohio Hamilton County ss.
Personally appeared before John Marhard one of the Justices signed to keep the peace in the township of Cincinnati in said County John Stites one of the grantors and acknowledged the within signature and instrument  of writing to be his hand and seal his act and deed for the uses and purposes therein mentioned. 
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twelfth day of august Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and three.

John Marhard (seal)

(See v.3 p.202)

N.B. :- This deed is indexed under Stiles in the Franklin (Delaware County), Ohio, deed indexes, and the deed book E-221 records his name as John Stiles in the deed. However the land in question is identical to the military grant to John Stites (GLO records OH2100_.233 – Range 17, Township 2, Quarter 3). As so often happens, his name was mis-transcribed as Stiles by the clerk. As such I have corrected the name in this transcription to prevent the error being perpetuated.

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