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James LIDDEMORE - newspaper articles
Bury and Norwich Post
Tuesday 13 January 1874
PETTY SESSIONS, MONDAY, Jan. 5. [Justices present J. H. Heigham; Esq. (Chairman), E. Green
Esq, M.P., and T. Thornhill. Jun, Esq).
POACHING AT BARNHAM. Robert Belsham and David Gibbs, both of Barnham, were charged with unlawfully using a snare for the purpose of taking game, on the 23rd ult., is the parish of Barnham. James Liddermore, under-keeper to the Duke of Grafton, said that while he was watching the snare, which he had seen both defendants set the night before, he saw them take a hare out of it. He went up to them, and took the hare and snare from Belsham. He was not more than 6 yards off them. John Pryke, another keeper said he saw Gibbs run away from Liddermore and hide up in a field. Witness went up to him, within 8 yards, and then he got up from a kneeling position and ran away. Emma Belsham, called by defendant, said she was at her brother's house about 7 o'clock in the morning, and he was there with his boots off. She asked him what was the matter, and he said, "My feet are bad." Previous convictions were proved against both defendants, who were convicted, and ordered to pay 9s. 6d. fine, and 1.10s.6d. costs.
Bury and Norwich Post
Tuesday 17 February 1874
Magistrates present - J. H. Heigham, Esq. (Chairman), Capt. Horton, and T. Thornhill, jun., Esq.
SETTING A TRAP TO TAKE GAME. Edward Leech was charged with setting a trap for the purpose of taking game, at Barnham, on the 3rd of February. James Liddamore, under-gamekeeper to the Duke of Grafton, proved the case, and defendant was fined 6s. 6d. and costs 6s. 6d.
Bury and Norwich Post
Tuesday 28 April 1874
MONDAY, April 27.
Justices present J. H. Heigham, Esq, (Chairman), P. Huddleston, Esq., T. Thornhill, jun., Esq., E. Greene, Esq., M.P., and Capt. Horton, R.N.
POACHING - Julian Lingh, shepherd, of Barnham, was charged With taking pheasants' eggs from nests in a field, the property of the Duke of Grafton., - James Liddermore, one of the Duke of Grafton's under-keepers, said : I was standing in Hunnell plantation about ten o'clock in the forenoon, on the
22nd inst., I saw defendant searching in a meadow close by. I got behind a tree and watched him. I saw him kneel down, take off his hat, and put something into it. He continued searching, and when nearer to me he again knelt down and put something into his hat. He then went on searching about, and I walked up to him. When he saw me he jumped into the ditch and took the eggs out of his hat. There were eleven eggs there. There were no nests there, but there were nest where he stooped and searched. John Browning was watching with me. Defendant admitted taking the eggs, and the Bench ordered him to pay, penalty 20s, and costs 7s. 6d. Paid.
Bury and Norwich Post
Tuesday 08 September 1874
KILLING A PHEASANT. Frederick Davey was charged with killing a pheasant, at Barnham, on the 17th of August last. The Duke of Grafton retired from the Bench during the hearing of this case. James Liddermore said : I live at Barnham, and am under-keeper for the Duke of Grafton. On the 17th was standing close to my house in the middle of the day, and saw defendant strike a pheasant with a stick. It flew toward him close to the ground. He picked it up and carried it away in his hand. I went after him, and came up to him against stack. I charged him with killing and taking a pheasant. He said he had not killed it, for it flew away. He had no pheasant when I got up to him. The defendant was 150 yards off me when he struck the pheasant. Defendant called George Symonds, who said : I saw defendant run after a rabbit, but did not see him hit a pheasant on that day. He took the rabbit and put it into a basket. A pheasant flew past at the time. James Liddermore re-called I did look into the basket, but saw no rabbit or pheasant there. Defendant was convicted and fined 1 s. 6d. costs 8s. 6d.
Bury and Norwich Post
Tuesday 30 October 1877
[Justices present His Grace the Duke of Grafton (Chairman), H. J. Wilkinson, Esq., T. Thornhill, Esq., M.P., Captain Horton, R.N., Lieut.-Col. Ives, R.H.G., and G. E. Payne, Esq.)
USING TRAPS FOR TAKING GAME. James Balls, of Honington, labourer, was charged with using three traps for the purpose of taking game at Honington, on the 6th of October. Defendant pleaded guilty by his wife, and was ordered to pay 10s. 6d. penalty and costs. (The Duke of Grafton retired from the Bench during the hearing of this and the next case.)
TRESPASSING IN PURSUIT OF GAME. Moses Webb and James Wilson, both of Thetford, labourers, were charged with trespassing on land at Barnham, in pursuit of game, on the 6th of October. - Defendants did not appear, and p.c. Fetch proved the service of the summons. James Liddermore said : I am a gamekeeper living at Barnham. On the 6th I was at the "Boundary Belt," when I saw Webb and Wilson there. I saw Wilson throw something, and stamp a small Scotch tree upon it. It was about five o'clock in the evening. I was about 60 yards off them. I then met them, and accused Webb of having a pheasant which I saw in his pocket. I got hold of him, but he said. " You shall not ransack me. I have a certificate." He produced a certificate, and I did not than take the pheasant away. He shoots over the Common near Thetford. They were half a mile from the road. I then went into the belt, where I saw them drop something, and picked up some snares which lay under the tree. Convicted in penalty and costs, 21s. each, or one month. Committed.


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