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He married Maurintgen LYBAERTS.2

Elva Lyon made out a good case for the family being Mennonites : "Members of the Goderis family were baptised as adults (and witnessed other adult baptisms) in the Haarlem Dutch Reformed Church for a period spanning two generations and nearly twenty years (1639-1658)". Elva did not include Lysbeth (below) who was baptised as an adult in 1835 in Overschie. At this time Haarlem had so many Mennonites amongst its prominent citizens it was called the "Mennonite Haarlem" making up 15 to 20% of the population.4


        According to the testimony of Maurintgen Lybaerts on the 12 Sep 1625 she had the following children2 :-

  • Johannes or Hans2 - a Dutch maritime painter.4
  • Martynken2. She married Jan de Graet and died before 1640 leaving one minor child, Janneken3.
  • Daniel2. He married Agniete van Overschelde in 1630.4
  • Tanneken2. She married Servaes MONTENACK4. He was probably a brother of Jan Montenack who married Tanneken Van Gelder.
  • Lysbeth / Elizabeth GODERIS.2
  • Abraham2. He married Pietertgen Pieters in 1642.4


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